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The Secret Soft Power of Being Lazy

We know all kinds of people here at One of many. We know female entrepreneurs and business owners, we know stay-at-home mothers and full-time workers. We also attract a lot of creative types, writers and artists of all sorts. I thought I’d mention this because I was speaking with one of our writers the other […]

January BeWealth Retreat – a Recap

Money is your ally ladies. A couple of weekends ago we had our inaugural BeWealth retreat where 30 committed women turned money from a problem into an ally to create the world they want. Well done ladies… you can read more below about how one woman, Muna, overcame malaria to get there. Oh my God! […]

What Do You Do When You Can’t Eliminate Negative People?

Every now and again I hear a different version of the same advice I’ve heard a lot over the years. ‘Cut out negative people!’ ‘Don’t allow negative people to colour your life!’ ‘Surround yourself with positive people only!’. This is all good advice. If we eliminate negative influences chances are that the life we want […]

The Secret Way to Inbox Zero

If you’re anything like me when you go back to work after a break – even a small one – your heart sinks as soon as you open your email. There’s nothing quite as depressing as a big-ass number of emails in your inbox. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed or stressed. We all know […]

7 Important Choices for Happy Relationships

This fantastic list was compiled by the creator of Tiny Buddha, Lori Deschene. She reached out to her community and asked them: ‘What’s the key to a happy relationship?’ She received thousands of responses from all over the world but was able to break down the details into this list. How? Because Lori discovered that […]

4 Easy Ways to Calm Your Money Chaos

Money chaos is the disorganised way we all sometimes feel about money from time to time. Here are four straightforward ways to take charge of your financial life. Maybe these are good habits you already practice, But you could find one of many simple things you could do to step into the wealth that is […]

The Rich are Different

How many things on your to-do list right now are to do with money? How do you feel when you think about them? Is there a reason you haven’t done them yet? Chances are you are one of many women who feels anxious around money. Perhaps you have made financial mistakes in the past? Or […]

5 Steps to Successful Client Break-Ups

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every client you worked with made you feel inspired and full of joy every time you worked together? Chances are there are probably several clients you love working with. There will be client appointments you look forward to. And then there will be the other kind. Do you ever get […]

Why Does The Work Never Stop? (Answer: Because You Never Stop)

A recent survey by CareerBurner revealed that between 25% and 50% of people report feeling overwhelmed at work. Are you one of them? We are working more hours than ever but we are also juggling our tasks like never before. Technology has blurred all the stopping points and finish lines. Thanks to our digital devices, […]

3 Ways to Make 2015 the Year of You

I know what you’re probably thinking; you’ve read this already. Straight after all that Christmas excess came all those articles about how to be richer, happier, healthier, wealthier, less blue, a more amazing you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, I’m not going to tell you to exercise more, volunteer, switch bank accounts and all that […]

4 Ways to Treat Your Money Like a Lover

Money is a force. It is a concentrated symbol of energy and power in life. Most of us are aware of the importance of hard work, determination, and drive to attract money. However, there are also other, more hidden and subtle ways to attract money, wealth, and prosperity.    Start taking real care of your […]

How to Fight Fair

Some people argue more than others.  I’m not talking about little bickers or nags over whose turn it is to change a dirty nappy but the big fights, the ones that can leave you in tears or in tatters.  The kind of fight that you can’t let go. I must admit I have been part […]

The Way to a Man’s Health is Through a Woman

Women become involved in men’s health for three reasons: they are used to making the healthcare decisions in their families, they tend to know the most about health and the healthcare system, and men’s health affects their own health and way of life. First, most women see themselves playing a role in their partner’s health. […]

Horrible Bosses or…5 Attributes That Make Women Better Leaders

Would you rather work for a man or a woman? What’s the difference? A recently released Gallup poll found that a higher percentage of women over men would rather have a male boss than a female one. You read that right. Women have a problem working for other women. The way I see it there […]

How to Silence the Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Eat properly, exercise frequently, be mindful, no drugs, no booze, no argument. Does that sound familiar? I should have ordered the salad. I would have gone to the gym if I had the time. I could have said no to that glass of wine. I am weak. We all know how to be healthy. Sometimes […]

What Happens When You Quit? (It Might Not Be What You Expect)

Don’t give up! Don’t stop believing! Keep going! It’s hard not to listen when a message is as consistent as the one above. After all, nobody wants to be a quitter, right?   You have to see things through. But what if you don’t? What if instead of being a one-way superhighway the road to success […]

This Woman’s Work

Yesterday I was reading an article in Forbes magazine written by a man who grew up in an extended Hispanic family. He was writing about the strength and resilience that his mother had shown raising him and his siblings. He thought his mother would have made a great leader. The truth is she was a […]

How to Get What You Want (Not Just What You Need)

Do you start each month with good intentions about what you will spend your money on? Do you ever think about what you will do with money you have left in the bank at the end of the month. Maybe you’ll invest it in stocks, save up for a dream holiday or a deposit on […]


I am sitting here writing this on Black Friday. This American tradition has caught on over here in the UK and my inbox was stuffed like a prize turkey this morning with every kind of consumer offer that you can imagine. You probably don’t have to imagine. Your inbox was probably stuffed too. The name […]

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Sir Alan Sugar starts searching for his apprentice once more as the popular television show returns to our screens. Are you a fan? The Apprentice was one of the first television shows to pit men and women against each other on an equal footing. Some of the biggest success stories to emerge from the show […]