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The Secret to a Guilt-Free Life

Recently a working-mother friend of mine told me how she feels when she leaves the office. “I am usually first to leave,” she said, “and I feel like everyone is judging me for putting my children before the company.” Wait. What? You’re not putting the children first, you’re putting them next. Besides, what are you […]

If “NEEDY” Were a Turn On…

There’s a bit in one of my favourite all-time films, Broadcast News, where the dorky male best friend is explaining to the sparky, over-achieving heroine (Holly Hunter in an Oscar nominated performance) that he is too insecure to find love. The world would be a great place, he says, if only “needy” were a turn […]

Can Women Compete with Men?

Lately I have been spending a lot of time connecting with other organisations that bring women together (after all we are just One of many!) There are stacks of inspiring places out there filled with supportive and informative women. But one thing about them kept bugging me. Sometimes the forums felt like a place to […]

Shaking it Up: What’s holding you back?

Recently we invited you to “Shake it Up” a little and kick your life up a notch if you are on the brink of something bigger. We had a huge attendance on our webinar, where we opened the lid on what was actually possible for each of our attendees. It’s worth you listening to this (or […]

Breathing Underwater; stress about stress!

   By Dr Joanna Martin: Founder,| Author. Women’s Speaker. Entrepreneur. Ex-doctor. Loud Sister. Baby Wrangler = No professional training but do a fine job nonetheless! We all have those days when we feel as if we are drowning. Everything we need to do in our busy lives gets overwhelming from time to time. All […]

How To Change The World

Recently we invited you to step-up, speak up and be One of Many women with ideas on how, together, we can create the change we want to see in the world. We had a huge attendance on our webinar, where we opened the lid on possibility. We delved into topics such as: Why the Dalai […]

The Western Woman Will Save The World

“The Western Woman will save the world” . . . said the Dalai Llama. . . . mmm, are we talking about the same woman? The one who just spend 20 minutes ransacking the house for her mobile phone while she was talking on it? <<< so, just so we are on the same page… […]