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How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Anger

Today I want to talk about something that’s often an awkward topic for us women — anger. I know, just bringing it up can make us really uncomfortable! After all, who wants to think about being angry? But it’s such a hugely important topic, not just for our psychological wellbeing, but also for our physical […]

Podcast: Are you downplaying your achievements?

We women have self-deprecation down to an art form. While we’ll happily champion our friends’ achievements, put the spotlight on our partners, and even dedicate hours (or even years!) of our time drawing attention to causes, when someone tries to honour our achievements, our knee jerk reaction is so often “Oh, that. It’s not a […]

The Simplest Way to Shift Your Energy

How often has this happened to you? You’re in your successful woman, save-the-world, I-can-do-it-all mode at work, and when you come home you end up running your dinner and evening like it’s another quarterly meeting. Or coming at it from the other direction, you’ve been really present and relaxed throughout a holiday or a weekend, […]

Is Your Home Making You Sick? Consider Geopathic Stress.

Do you ever find that no matter how much sleep you have you’re still exhausted? Silly question I hear you cry! Every woman goes through a time in her life, sometimes several, when pure exhaustion kicks in. Juggling all aspects of your life such as running a home, being a mum, a wife, a taxi […]

Podcast: Have You Heard of ME?

I have to say it worries me. ME that is. Do you know what it is? That mystery illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, often lumped in with Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia. It seems that the more expectations, and the fast pace of life is lumped on women, the more of them are suffering with health issues, and […]

Podcast: How Does Money Stop You From Making Your Difference?

We all want more income – but just having a big pile of money isn’t really the goal – is it? What we are really wanting are the things money can create for us. Money creates stress, or freedom. Security or scarcity. And after a stunning weekend of transformation with the women who attended BeFulfilled […]

5 Ways to Spoil Yourself (and be proud of it.)

It’s Wednesday. It’s a gorgeously sunny day. The whole country is on a mission to enjoy it to the MAX before the torrential downpour scheduled for tomorrow. What am I doing? I’m in my office typing this and frantically preparing for my next workshop on Saturday. To say I wasn’t getting the best out of the […]

One of Many Women: Bernadette Doyle

What does Bernadette Doyle mean when she says she’s a “recovering Lone Ranger”? It’s that place you go to, when you’re fed up with everything, and you decide if you want it done, you just have to do it all yourself. Whether it’s starting that business, running that family, organising the school fair…why, because you […]

I appear on Newsnight and Woman’s Hour – why do I feel like an imposter?

As a charity chief executive I am constantly thrust into situations where I am expected to deliver inspiring talks, share hard-hitting case studies and mastermind fundraising successes, which often requires me to fall back on my innate ability to blag. I feel like an imposter – too often worrying that luck and timing brought me […]

You’re Not Meant to Earn Financial Freedom

My friend Ann Wilson is just so clever. So clever that we featured her on the Soft Power Summit a few months back, with rave feedback. Here at One of Many, we are all about elevating you out of the “stuff” that’s keeping you from becoming the leader we hope, and know, you can be. […]

7 Signs Your Mindset for Money Could Use an Upgrade

Your mindset – your beliefs, ideas and attitude — has a huge impact on the level of success you can achieve. Think of your mindset like your lens of possibility. If your lens is cloudy and distorted, you can’t see all the possibilities easily. If you are a leader, visionary or entrepreneur type, having a […]

The Mental Health Patient vs The Psychiatric Nurse (or how to handle your inner dialogue)

Do you ever feel like you are playing the typical movie scene in your head…Good Cop Bad Cop? Maybe in your movie it’s the condescending parent and the scared child? Or victim and the bullier? There are usually at least two distinct personalities participating in the never ending dialogue in our minds. Different schools of psychological thought […]

The Indecision Roundabout: caught in analysis paralysis? Let’s Simplify!

Oh my goodness. We overcomplicate. Seriously. If I had a magic wand and could choose a Fairy Godmother superpower it would be the ability to help people see how damned complicated they’re making things, when its actually really really simple. One of the biggest problems that arises from our gold medal efforts at overcomplicating is: […]

Stress: 6 Signs and Symptoms that something’s got to change

I just got off the phone from a client. She has had ME in the past. You know- that thing that doctors don’t understand… chronic fatigue… that thing. That thing where they tell you “Just slow down”. But she’s a small business owner. And she wants to be a successful one at that. Which I […]

Do you believe in “work-life balance”?

I was talking to a good friend the other day – a really good friend- and she said to me “I don’t believe in work-life balance”. I didn’t say anything at the time. Fair call- I thought- she loves her work, and she loves her life. But days have gently passed by and I am […]

Your 3 habits sabotaging your joy (and how to change them)

If you’re like me, then answering the question, do you want more joy in your life, is a no-brainer. I mean, can you have too much joy?!! If you were then asked, how do you go about injecting more joy into your own life, would you be able to rattle off some ideas? Being a […]

Dealing with Overwhelm: with 10 Simple Steps to Calm the Daily Chaos

Can I teach you my 10 simple steps to climbing out of the daily chaos & overwhelm? You wouldn’t be the only woman to have too much to get done in too short a time period. You’re there right now aren’t you?…or you have been recently! I know I have… Of course the problem is […]

#SoftPower Summit interview

with Cathy Burke: CEO The Hunger Project Australia We had so much fun with the #softpower summit, we felt it would be mean to not share a little snifter of the excellent conversations that went down over the past fortnight. So we have chosen the interview with Cathy Burke where we discussed what Soft Power leadership […]

3 simple steps to dressing with confidence

Do you feel overwhelmed by the choice of clothes on the High Street? Do you feel underwhelmed when you open your own wardrobe? Would you like the whole ‘what shall I wear’ conundrum to be simplified? Being comfortable in your own skin and knowing your style is something that too many women struggle with these […]

8 tips how to get in touch with your unique self

We are at our most powerful when we are able to uncover and fully embrace our uniqueness. Those of us who have experienced a perfect moment of self awareness know that this is when things flow.  The answers to our life’s questions  suddenly become self-explanatory, and opportunities appear seemingly out of nowhere. Yet life has a […]