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How to help someone change

Is there someone in your life who’s trying (and failing) to make a big change? Maybe they know their relationship is over but can’t quite seem to end it for good. Or they want to take the leap and try a different career, but somehow it’s never the right time to apply for anything else.  […]

3 reasons women put our health last

We all do it. Whether it’s putting off getting that little niggle checked out by a specialist, pushing through another cold because you “don’t have time to get ill” or simply living life in a permanent state of semi-dehydration… many, many of us women put our health last. Why? Well, each of us are different. […]

When you know what you should be doing for your health

You know what you should be doing for your health, right? Eat properly, exercise frequently, be mindful, no caffeine, no dairy, no sugar… I think I’ve heard some version of the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” from almost every woman I know at some point. And I am very much including myself in that! How about you? […]

4 deadly to-do list sins (and how to avoid them!)

There are days when you wake at 4am. You don’t know what woke you up, but you’re cursing it. Now your brain has started ticking. Running through your to-do list, thinking about the things you didn’t get done yesterday, and everything you want to achieve today. You finally give up on trying to get back […]

3 steps to reclaim your brain

This is a guest post by Laura Coleman. As the train pulls into Moorgate Station, my insides explode with anxiety. I bolt up to my feet, knocking into the knees of the person opposite me. I feel my cheeks flush with heat and a disorienting dizziness fills my head. I mumble incoherently under my breath, […]

How to accept a compliment (and why it matters)

“Wow – you’re amazing!” Words to make you glow with pride…. Or shrink into a tiny ball of embarrassment? If accepting compliments makes you cringe a little (or a lot), you might be surprised to know you’re not alone. Over the years a few researchers have explored our reaction to compliments. Way back in 1990, […]

How to listen to your body (and why you should start!)

Has your body ever given you a message you couldn’t ignore? Many years ago, Greg and I had a business training speakers. We’d do these big events where I would train people how to speak on stage – and I absolutely loved it. I was also a BIG perfectionist at the time – very much […]

What to do when you feel isolated

Isolation is defined as “the state of feeling alone and without friends or help.” If that’s a feeling you’ve had even a glimpse of lately, it’s important to take action to get the help you need. Whether lockdown’s taken its toll, you’ve thrown yourself into building a business and let your close friendships drop, or […]

2 hidden blocks to women’s success

Many of us are juggling even more than usual at the moment. And if you’re someone who achieves more before breakfast than most people do in a week, you probably have plenty of tried and tested tools in your belt when it comes to getting things done. But there are two reasons women find ourselves […]

4 signs of the new burnout

Lately, I’ve been discovering along with lots of women in our community that right now, we’re not as fine as we often claim to be. Today I want to share some of the latest research that’s beginning to emerge about a new kind of burnout that’s showing up for women around the world – so […]

How to make a good decision when you’re too tired to choose

Often, one of the first signs we’re approaching exhaustion is that our “executive function” takes a hit. When you’re too tired to choose, even the smallest decisions feel like a lot. Let alone the big, life-altering ones.  You might find yourself flummoxed by what to have for breakfast. Or hitting a wall when it comes […]

The problem with gratitude

We all know about the importance of gratitude, right? Even in your darkest moments, you’ve probably found things to be thankful for. A tiny flower bursting through a crack in the pavement, a smile from a stranger, the perfect cup of tea, a roof over your head… you know the drill. But what if there […]

The high achiever’s guide to letting go

Have a quick think back over the past week. Did you enjoy some gorgeous relaxing time just for you? Connect with family and friends to open up about how you’re really doing? Feel supported by people around you handling the responsibilities that were too much for you to take care of? I’ll wait while you […]

4 ways to bring peace to troubled times

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your world gave you extra space in turbulent times? When the morning headlines are enough to send you crawling back to bed, and a quick glance at social media has steam coming out of your ears, it’s tempting to imagine your partner softly bringing you your favourite beverage, […]

How to boost your team’s wellbeing

To understand how to boost your team’s wellbeing, you’ve got to start with you. You probably know that already, right? When you show up for work feeling angry, sluggish or fed up, you see the impact on those around you pretty fast. Not to mention the arguments that blow up with your partner when you’ve […]

How to move past shame

Have you ever tried to make a big change in your life (maybe repeatedly), only to find that for some reason, it just won’t take? It might be a problem with the method. It might be that your goal needs revisiting. But often, it’s because you’re struggling with shame. If you’ve never thought about the […]

3 reasons to sort out your finances (and where to start)

“I just can’t do it!” I told Greg over breakfast. “They’re all so good! How can I possibly choose just one?”. “Well… do you have to?” I sighed. “I guess not. I mean, I am the boss.” I hate breaking my promises. Even writing this makes me feel uncomfortable. What are you thinking about me? […]

The surprising secret to financial freedom

The easiest way to take control of your finances and move towards financial freedom is to spend less money. It’s really that simple! You might be thinking “Hang on, if I had financial freedom I would be able to buy whatever I wanted”. But what if you didn’t want to buy anything? Would you have […]

How to stop being everything to everyone

Anna’s knackered. It was a friend’s birthday last night, and even though she was exhausted after work she still found herself showing up at the restaurant at the agreed time. After all, it’s special to get together and celebrate and she knows her friend has had an especially tough year. But half way through the […]

Leaders: 5 signs it’s time to take stock

“I feel like I’m failing on every front.” Thousands of women had tuned in to find their momentum for change. And maybe they weren’t expecting to hear those words coming from my mouth. After all – from the outside, it probably looked as though I had it all together. We were hosting a stellar virtual […]