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Is your relationship draining you?

Is your relationship draining you? Today I want to explain the importance of energy in relationships – and give you some simple ways you can revitalize a relationship where things are starting to feel draining, frustrating or stale. First, let me explain what I mean by the “energy” of a relationship. Inside every human being […]

How to take control of your day

Picture this: You’ve got a big deadline to meet. You wake up feeling sluggish but still manage to scarf a coffee and get to your desk early. Time to get going. But from then on, things start to rapidly unravel. Emails need tactful – and immediate – responses. A colleague comes to you with a […]

Guest post: Are there advantages to Imposter Syndrome?

Could there really be advantages to Imposter Syndrome? I’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome feelings for most of my adult life. Working as a research-based academic in a university, I guess I could have summed it up as “I wish I felt even half as good/confident as other people seem to think I am!”. But I didn’t […]

Sorting out your finances: 20 ways to start

Let’s get real: When sorting out your finances looms on your to-do list, it can be easy to keep putting it off. There’s often a big scary task (getting honest about your pension situation, facing up to debt, or figuring out what your investments are doing, perhaps) that you’ve been avoiding. But the truth is, […]

How to feel more awake and energised

Want to feel more awake and energised? When you’re feeling sluggish and exhausted, it can be challenging to know where to begin. If you’re at the point where you’re ready to make change but nothing seems to ‘stick’, it can feel especially frustrating. You want to spring out of bed instead of dragging yourself up […]

Are you already coaching?

A surprising number of women, whether or not they’re interested in pursuing coaching as a career, already use some fundamental coaching skills in their day to day lives – often without realising they’re doing it. Are you one of them? Today I’m going to share 3 ways to find out if you’re already coaching people […]

The most important question to ask yourself

The most important question to ask yourself if you want to create change might not be what you think. Most of us focus on what it is we want to DO. But there’s a shift that needs to happen before we take any kind of action. One that makes all the difference to how effective […]

How to make a fresh start

At the end of the year, decade, or even the week, we have an opportunity to draw a line under what has and hasn’t happened. We draw a line under what was before… and get ready for what’s about to come. Trouble is, most of us aren’t actually clear on how to make a fresh […]

The most important question to ask yourself

My local café is playing back to back classics from 25 years ago. These were the tunes that accompanied me around my first GAP year tour around Europe. Green Day, The Beautiful South, Sinead O’Connor… What are the tunes which take you back? What song, when you hear it on the radio, transports you through […]

Guest post: How to keep a relationship alive

Love at first sight? Yes, it can happen. But when we buy into the idea that love can only happen in a spontaneous, earth-shaking fireworks display, we can close the door to allowing love to bloom and blossom in its own time. Knowing how to keep a relationship alive can open doors to deeper and […]

The truth about manifestation: money, mindset and miracles

When it comes to money – making it, managing it and multiplying it – there are an awful lot of myths and misconceptions out there. From the “just roll up your sleeves and make more of it” school of thought to the “visualise and believe and miracles will happen” one, it can be hard to […]

3 Lessons for creating success without burnout… from an unlikely role model

When you’re used to living life in “Superwoman” mode, it can be hard to stop – even when you know it’s time you learned to create success without burnout. And frankly, it’s frustrating! Logically, we know that rushing through life, running on fumes, barely making time to deal with our basic bodily functions (gone all […]

Guest post: 5 reasons women are still taking a back seat in their own careers

Women in the workplace. We’re fierce. We’re doing great things. Our mothers and several generations of ancestors fought hard for us to have a seat at the table. I’m 41. I’m of the generation that was told we could do anything we set our minds to. That the glass ceiling was no longer relevant for […]

5 ways you’re sabotaging women (and how to stop)

The burnout epidemic. A chronic lack of diversity in senior roles. The rise in stress, anxiety and depression. Together, they paint a clear picture. Our current ways of working are failing women. But if we want to be part of turning things around, it’s not enough to point fingers at “The System”. Creating meaningful change […]

How to help someone who can’t make a decision

We’re all facing information overload these days. Trouble is, that information – whether it comes as emails, texts, tasks or questions – all to often demands action. Is it any wonder so many of us feel like we can’t make a decision? Big or small, profound or banal, our days are a series of choices. […]

How to turn criticism into confidence

When you’re on the receiving end of criticism, it’s easy to slip into reactive mode. Often, the words which hurt most have deep roots. Perhaps when you were growing up being “selfish” was the worst possible insult in your family. Or a teacher describing your work as “sloppy” has left you with a tendency to […]

When there’s too much to do, dance!

It’s the end of a tough day. Things are always busy – but right now, it feels as though I’m in the centre of a tornado. The team’s almost doubled in size over the past months; we’re launching new events, fine-tuning (OK, creating…) systems and building projects. And the rest of life doesn’t stop, right? […]

Can you be independent and still have a fulfilling relationship?

Can you be independent, strong – and have a deeply fulfilling relationship? Whether you have a partner or not right now, take a moment to consider your instinctive response to that question. It can reveal an awful lot, not only about our intimate connections but our experience in other areas of life too. Often, when […]

Guest post: How to cope with bereavement

This is a guest post by Debbie Neiteler, One of many coach and Certified Grief Guide. If you’ve lost someone close to you, however long ago it was, you’ll know the indescribably impact bereavement has on your life. Two of the strongest threads that bind us together as human beings are the fear of dying […]

Why self care is a priority for leaders

For leaders who are serious about having the impact they want to on the world, self care is a priority that’s not to be ignored. I don’t just mean leaders in the ‘traditional’ sense – CEOs, politicians, founders. If you want to set a great example to your kids; be a force for change in […]