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How to handle difficult family members

Every family is different, and when it comes to the person who we find most challenging all of us are unique. Perhaps it’s a parent who can’t help themselves from handing out the unwanted advice at every opportunity; the little brother whose judgments you could do without; or the uncle whose attitude of “someone else […]

When you just don’t get along

Now and again, all of us find ourselves in a situation where we have no choice but to spend time with someone we just don’t get along with. It might be – as I experienced a while back – the stranger you’re stuck next to for a 14 hour flight. Perhaps you’re wedged in next […]

Guest blog: Should I leave my job?

This is a guest blog by Dr Jane Lewis. In my role as a Career Coach, I am often asked by clients, ‘Should I Leave My Job?’ It’s one of those questions to which the answer can often feel like ‘How Long Is A Piece Of String’, but in this blog, I’ll be sharing a […]

My partner doesn’t meet my needs

When your partner doesn’t meet your needs in a relationship, it’s tough. Even when you’re in a relationship, you can end up feeling isolated and alone. From the hug when you walk in the door to support talking through a family crisis; from sharing the financial load to really listening when you want to open […]

How coaching is different from mentoring

The question came up just a couple of weeks ago in our One of many coaches group. One of our certified coaches had been approached by a colleague to provide some support – only, was it coaching they wanted, or mentoring? It got me reflecting on just how coaching is different from mentoring and why […]

What careers make a difference in the world?

If you find yourself watching the news or reading articles about current events, and wanting to be a part of the change the world needs, you’re not alone. But it can be tough to work out not only what careers make a difference in the world, but how you can have the impact you want. […]

Exhausted for no apparent reason? Here’s how to recover

A couple of years ago I was so tired that trying to decide whether to just collapse into bed, or have a bath first, was enough to leave me utterly stuck. OK, in my case there were pretty clear reasons for me to have got to that state: I was 26 weeks pregnant, anaemic, and […]

How worry works

Most of us know what worry feels like. But when it comes to how worry works – and what we can do to overcome it – the answers are less clear. Worry is something that’s familiar to lots of women, and research reveals just how much more of an issue it is for us than […]

What brings fulfilment in life?

If I asked you whether you wanted to feel fulfilled in your life – your work, your relationships, your contribution – you’d probably give a wholehearted YES, right? But if I asked how you could actually create that feeling: what brings fulfilment in life, or how we can know when we’re fully experiencing it, you […]

How to deal with emotions at work (or anywhere else)

Have you ever noticed that it’s at the times when it’s most critical for things to flow smoothly that emotional challenges often come up? The massive row with your partner as you’re gearing up for a really important presentation. The blistering feedback from your boss, minutes before the crucial sales call with a prospective client. […]

Guest blog: “I’ve lost connection with my partner”

I feel very blessed to have married the same man twice. At the time we got divorced it certainly didn’t feel like a blessing…more like a disaster. But 8 years apart taught me some incredible things which I want to share with you today, because that elusive thing we thrive on called connection can be […]

Guest blog: Behind the mask of perfect motherhood

This is a guest blog by Danusia Malina-Derben. “How DO you do it?” This question requires an answer. It’s the missing piece of a puzzle that strikes the mind of many women I meet, especially when they learn I’m a mother of ten as well as an entrepreneur. I meet hundreds, possibly thousands as I […]

The short temper solution

It’s different for all of us – that place we slip into when we’re not at our best. Is it the tone in your voice that has your partner shrinking from you when you snap at them after a tough day at work? Or the hopeless, helpless feeling you get when you say “sure” to […]

How to get rid of self-critical thoughts for good

This article is by Thea Jolly, one of our Certified Coaches and part of the coaching team on our the Lead the Change and Be Powerful Programmes. Thea’s mission is to help women feel at peace with themselves – because only then can they make their biggest and boldest contributions to their families, communities and […]

What does professional coaching certification actually do?

There are some industries where qualifications really matter. As a med school graduate, I’m definitely happy knowing that doctors have been through the rigours of that particular training before they’re let loose on patients. And yet whatever industry you’re in, there’s almost certainly some training that’s not compulsory, but looks tempting. In the coaching world, […]

Do you fear getting in trouble?

Written down, it can sound a bit nuts. You’re a fully grown, capable, intelligent woman, after all. And yet, in the back of your mind, it’s there – a fear of getting in trouble of some kind, whether with a boss, client, colleague or even family member. If you dread the thought of being on […]

“I feel stuck” – 3 things to try

If you’ve found yourself saying “I feel stuck” when it comes to a particular area of your life, it’s usually a sign that it’s time to take a closer look at what’s going on. Yes, there are times when we can feel as though we’re going round in circles – I’ll always be single, I’ll […]

Want to find a new relationship dynamic? Read this

Most of us have at least one relationship in our lives we’d like to change in some way. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about, maybe even deeply love, the other person. But when interactions start to feel like a pattern you’re stuck in, it can be incredibly restrictive. If you want to find a […]

How to replenish yourself in 2 minutes

If you’re doing something that requires a lot of your energy – managing a job with big responsibilities, wrangling toddlers, travelling, pouring your heart into fulfilling work – it’s really important to take the time to fill yourself up. And yes, getting a good night’s sleep, taking the weekend to recharge or booking yourself in […]

How to support a friend with burnout

Research from Montreal University earlier this year revealed once more something most of us are anecdotally aware of: women are far more likely to suffer from work-related burnout than men. Even if burnout hasn’t affected you directly, you’re almost certain to come across a woman experiencing it at some point: whether it’s your sister, your […]