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How to develop your intuition

How much do you trust yourself? Everyone has intuitive potential – but for some of us, it can feel as though our intuition is frustratingly out of reach. Don’t worry. There are some simple tools that have helped women in our community learn how to develop their intuition, and with regular practice I think you’ll […]

5 easy habits to create positive change

A while I was speaking to a friend who was feeling a little bit blue. She’d spent the previous weekend at a personal development seminar, and left feeling upbeat about how to create positive change and the road ahead for her business. But over the next few days she had felt that positivity drain out […]

6 reasons we need community (and how to find it)

Right now many of us are isolating ourselves from connection with others more than we ever have before. And I am more present than ever to the effect that’s having on all of us. Because the fact is, we need community. We overlook the importance of connection at our peril – as I’m going to […]

The secret to rest: Dealing with a “Superwoman hangover”

When you’ve been drawing deeply on your energy reserves, and perhaps even slipped into Superwoman to achieve everything you need to, there comes a point when just “stopping” doesn’t really cut it. At times like these, knowing the secret to rest becomes an art in itself. And it’s one I want to share with you […]

Guest blog: How to stay sane during the holidays

If you have children in your life I’m sure they will have made you aware that holidays are here and an exciting time of year is approaching! You’re probably very busy with to-do lists, preparations and plans for a pandemic-proof end of year celebration with your family. Today I want to explore some simple, practical […]

Guest post: How to invest in the future YOU want

It’s fair to say that until very recently, finance has been a man’s world. No wonder many women struggle to know how to invest in a way that will make a difference. Even today, at the top of the power pyramid, men still hold court to a great extent. All 10 of the world’s richest […]

How to make peace with anything

When it comes to coaching or being coached, it’s easy to focus on the extraordinary impact it can have on the things you CAN change in your life. Coaching can help you find a new career. Discover relationships that fulfil you in ways you could never have imagined; set powerful boundaries around what’s acceptable; learn […]

Guest post: The truth about being a coach in 2020

Want to know what it’s like being a coach in 2020? There’s that word again. “It just feels so overwhelming.” My client is struggling with the emotion bubbling up within her, the tears so long held back, now snaking down her cheeks. Part of her is relieved to be in such a safe space and […]

Coaching and burnout: The trap for women who care

When it comes to coaching and burnout, there’s a really important distinction many women aren’t aware of when they seek support. If we’re not mindful of this potential trap, we can find that the coach we’ve hired to try and prevent us from burning out completely, can actually make things worse. Why? One word: Superwoman. […]

Guest post: Powering up your money using the Sacred Money Archetypes

Did you know that a whopping 61% of women would rather talk about their own death than money?! This doesn’t really come as a surprise though does it? Money is one of the great “taboo” subjects that we’re taught not to discuss at the dinner table, so it’s no wonder that so many of us […]

Who Is the Most Important Person in Your Life?

So who did you think of first? Your baby? Your partner? Your mother? The most important relationship you will have in your life is the one you have with yourself. But let’s get real here. Not many of us have a stack of time these days to spoil ourselves. Right now, heading off to the […]

How to Fight Fair

Some people argue more than others. How about you? I’m not talking about little bickers or nags over whose turn it is to change a dirty nappy but the big fights, the ones that can leave you in tears or in tatters. The kind of fight that you can’t let go. Whether it’s with an […]

Guest blog: Perfectionist or bitch?

I’m standing in the doorway of my youngest son’s bedroom. We are arguing about bedtime. Again. He is standing halfway up his small ladder, his boyish face full of undisguised anger and hatred towards me. In that moment, the feeling is mutual. I have a battle going on in my head and my body is […]

2 needs that define 2020

All of us have needs in our lives. And in relationships, we learn to balance our needs with those of someone else  – so that we can feel we’re being supported, and be there for others in turn. Two specific needs have been deeply tested this year in particular. If you’re in a relationship, knowing […]

How to deal with negative people

Who’s that person in your life… The one who makes your heart sink when you see their name pop up on your phone – or whose response to your latest idea or project is bound to deflate you? Negative people can be really challenging to handle – so today I want to share 5 quick […]

How your vulnerability is your strength

Let’s talk about vulnerability today. If you’ve ever found yourself secretly thinking “everybody seems to be doing better than me!”, read on. I’m going to explain why that’s not true, what stops us from admitting it, and how sharing what’s really going on for you can be a source of radical power and support. Strange as it […]

(Guest Post) Why is sales so difficult when you care?

Whether you’re in business selling a service or product, are raising money for a cause close to your heart, or just want to “sell” a new idea to your romantic partner or your boss, there are always times when the ability to guide and influence others is an important tool in your toolkit. But if […]

How to handle your inner critic

Want to know how to handle your inner critic? Right now, many of us are hearing that nit-picking little voice more than ever. And the things she comes out with can be spiteful. On a recent Lunch and Learn session over on the One of many Facebook page, we shared some of her best lines […]

Why we’re so emotional right now

“I can’t feel my legs at all now!” I yelled to James as he shivered on the beach. “Come on in, it’s fabulous!” August in North Wales and I was channelling my inner Brit, stoically frolicking in the freezing surf despite the overcast clouds and drizzle. The sea really was glorious, even if it was […]

7 ways to overcome procrastination

With the changes and upheaval we’ve all experienced in the last 6 months, many of us are procrastinating like champions. Even if you’re usually someone who’s ruthlessly disciplined, you might find there are some items on your to-do list that are starting to recur. So how can you overcome procrastination – and what if that […]