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3 simple steps to dressing with confidence

Do you feel overwhelmed by the choice of clothes on the High Street? Do you feel underwhelmed when you open your own wardrobe? Would you like the whole ‘what shall I wear’ conundrum to be simplified? Being comfortable in your own skin and knowing your style is something that too many women struggle with these […]

8 tips how to get in touch with your unique self

We are at our most powerful when we are able to uncover and fully embrace our uniqueness. Those of us who have experienced a perfect moment of self awareness know that this is when things flow.  The answers to our life’s questions  suddenly become self-explanatory, and opportunities appear seemingly out of nowhere. Yet life has a […]

One of Many Voices: Sundy Gilchrist

Sundy Gilchrist is almost a celebrity in the One of Many Voices forum. She shares her vulnerabilities, and tells how she believes receiving is the new giving! How do you fill your days? I am a Love and Relationship Coach, helping women, through programmes and coaching, to Relight the Delight in their love relationship with their […]

Soft Power Habits: How to look after yourself

How good are you at looking after yourself? If I did a spot survey on my five closest friends, I bet you they would say, “not very good at it”. Women by their nature are nurturers, which means it’s easy for us to slip into putting others needs before our own. When my baby cries […]

Our Wednesday Women: Soft Power Summit Speakers Revealed

This week’s Wednesday Women (women from the One of Many community) features a little about each of our Soft Power Summit Speakers. There were too many of them and not enough wednesdays, so I am giving you a “busy woman’s guide” to the women we are featuring this week and next in the Soft Power […]

How to successfully inspire with colours in branding

with Karen Haller Colour Psychologist If you are about to brand your business, or getting ready to dress to impress, you cannot afford to miss these gems, because it’s not about the colours you like!! Karen Haller is an internationally renowned business colour and branding consultant. Her expertise has helped clients successfully choose their colours […]

4 deadly to-do list sins (and how to avoid them!)

There are days when you wake at 4am. You don’t know what woke you up, but you are cursing it. Now your brain has started ticking. You finally give up on trying to get back to sleep, and get up at 5:30. You are already feeling overwhelmed at everything that is on your plate for […]

One of Many Women: Louise George

I always look forward to our wednesday women! So this week I would love you to meet the delightful Louise George. Louise attended the March One Woman Conference, and has become one of our powerful women in our Voices Forum. It was Louise’s interest in the Emma Watson #heforshe campaign that caught my eye, so […]

One of Many Women – Karen Haller

This week we had a chat with the lovely Karen Haller. Karen was one of our #OneWomanConference sponsors back in November and will be joining us this weekend. She is an internationally renowned business colour and branding expert, an inspirational speaker and colour trainer. She has worked with a number of prestigious brands including Dulux, Orange […]

Where Could You Go for a Couple of Days Retreat?

Up at 5.30am, travelling for 10 hours, all for two and a half days in the Alps. Was this worth it? Absolutely! Sometimes there’s not much time in between One of Many commitments, so I chose to go all the way to a remote village in Switzerland to stay with a friend who was working […]

Are You Still Looking for Perfect Work/Life Balance?

This morning, as with so many mornings, I am doing three things at once and thinking about five more. So I thought it would be a good time to talk about multi-tasking. That’s what we’re good at, right? Women are known for their ability to spin several different plates at once. I would love it […]

One of Many Women – Lucy Whittington

Welcome to our new blog series of posts featuring members of our community. We hope you will enjoy it! Meet Lucy Whitington Lucy spent many years being ‘good’ at marketing. She worked for start-ups to international Plcs. She got overqualified with an MBA, and since 2005 has run her own website & marketing business. Then she […]

The Secret Soft Power of Being Lazy

We know all kinds of people here at One of many. We know female entrepreneurs and business owners, we know stay-at-home mothers and full-time workers. We also attract a lot of creative types, writers and artists of all sorts. I thought I’d mention this because I was speaking with one of our writers the other […]

January BeWealth Retreat – a Recap

Money is your ally ladies. A couple of weekends ago we had our inaugural BeWealth retreat where 30 committed women turned money from a problem into an ally to create the world they want. Well done ladies… you can read more below about how one woman, Muna, overcame malaria to get there. Oh my God! […]

How to take back control of your inbox (and your life)

If you’re anything like me, when you go back to work after a break – even a small one – your heart sinks as soon as you open your email. There’s nothing quite as depressing as a big-ass number of emails in your inbox. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed or stressed. We all know […]

7 Important Choices for Happy Relationships

This fantastic list was compiled by the creator of Tiny Buddha, Lori Deschene. She reached out to her community and asked them: ‘What’s the key to a happy relationship?’ She received thousands of responses from all over the world but was able to break down the details into this list. How? Because Lori discovered that […]

The rich are different: How wealthy women manage money

How many things on your to-do list right now are to do with money? How do you feel when you think about them? Is there a reason you haven’t done them yet? And have you ever wondered how wealthy women manage money differently? If you’ve got finance tasks you’re putting off, or money stuff is […]

5 Steps to Successful Client Break-Ups

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every client you worked with made you feel inspired and full of joy every time you worked together? Chances are there are probably several clients you love working with. There will be client appointments you look forward to. And then there will be the other kind. Do you ever get […]

When the work never stops…

A few years ago, a survey by CareerBurner revealed that between 25% and 50% of people reported feeling overwhelmed at work. Are you one of them? If you’ve found yourself feeling frustrated and exhausted – like the work never stops – here’s an approach that might help. We are working more hours than ever but […]

3 Ways to Make 2015 the Year of You

I know what you’re probably thinking; you’ve read this already. Straight after all that Christmas excess came all those articles about how to be richer, happier, healthier, wealthier, less blue, a more amazing you. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, I’m not going to tell you to exercise more, volunteer, switch bank accounts and all that […]