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Jo&Co Episode 1 – Busyness

You’re a part of my community because you have a difference to make –whether that be through your business, on the platform, or as a leader within your organization. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be stepping up to provide you with even more free support to help you on that journey, and Jo&Co […]

How to Live Like a Queen

In 1533, a girl was born who would go on to do what no woman ever had before in England: take the throne, rule the country for nearly half a century, oversee military victories and a cultural renaissance, survive multiple conspiracies to assassinate her, and keep many of the the male royals of Europe waiting […]

3 Tips for Dressing the Best Version of You

Something I started to notice in my twenties (way before I trained to become an image consultant), is how my behaviour changes according to how I feel I look on any given day. Back then I worked in glossy magazines where the workforce was impossibly glamorous and fashionable. I’d just graduated from Uni and had […]

The power of living your rhythm

Have you ever watched people surfing? The really great surfers read the rhythm of the ocean, sitting on their boards and chatting when the waves pull back, then jumping up in perfect timing with those big gorgeous waves that crash forward. They know that there’s a time to sit still and a time to jump […]

Why Nourishing Yourself is the Least Selfish Thing You Can Do

In my work, I’m privileged to connect with so many truly amazing women — and I’m always amazed by how naturally caring and giving they are. Whether it’s in the form of making life better for whole communities or just making sure that family dinner is a time of special connection, these women are on […]

What does it really mean to play your strengths as a woman?

What are the first words that come to mind when you think about the feminine? Soft, nurturing … maybe a bit recessive, even weak? And what about when you think about female power? Does your mind immediately go to sports commercials and Superwomen? Seems like a bit of a contradiction, doesn’t it, like you either […]

How to stop overwhelm in its tracks

Stress, time poverty, and overwhelm has become incredibly common among women — in fact, it’s almost become a badge of honour! And it’s no wonder. In a society where we’re largely expected to function linearly, exactly like men (although our biology is totally different), not to mention the association of busyness with personal value and […]

The power of the collective

You may already know this, but things have been difficult for me recently. From logistics and planning issues to deep personal grief, it’s safe to say that the past few months have been some of the most challenging of my life. But as tough as the last few months have been, they’ve also been some […]

Why you should love your inner critic

About six months ago, I got the idea that I wanted to get a painting that signified Mother Earth to put in this particular spot on my bedroom wall. So I did some Googling online and I found some pictures that I really liked … but they were done by an artist in the States, […]

How to Banish Confusion: Let Your Body Be Your Guide

How many times has this happened to you? You have a decision that you know you have to make, but for some reason you just … can’t … do it. You feel paralysed by “what ifs” and “maybes” to the point that you may not even end up making a decision at all. But what […]

My Rituals for Reentry: How to Hit the Ground Running After a Break

I think there are few things as frustrating as coming back from a holiday ready to take on the world the morning of your first day back … and feeling like you’ve fallen flat on your face by the afternoon. This used to happen to me all the time (and from what you ladies have […]

Why It’s So Hard to Get Started Again After a Break

For years, the first few days back after a holiday were total write-offs for me. I’d come back from some really lovely time off, rested and excited to dive back in, only to find that for some reason, I just couldn’t get any momentum going. What I finally figured out after years of going through […]

How to make changes that actually stick

A few weeks ago, millions of people throughout the UK made New Year’s resolutions … and this Sunday, most people are going to break them. In fact, the 17th of January has become known as “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day” because statistically, that’s when the most people break their diets, pick up a cigarette, […]

How to create heart-centred goals

This is the time of year when we’re all gearing up for big changes. This is going to be the year that you finally start that business, have a child, go to six figures, take the trip of a lifetime, get fit … all these dreams and opportunities are so delicious and exciting! But I […]

My favourite end-of-year practice

We’re now just days away from 2016, and I am incredibly excited for the new year! One of my favourite things about this time of year — besides being past the last minute pre-Christmas overwhelm — is that it’s the perfect part of the annual cycle to pause, rest, and look inwards. That’s why I […]

The art of gracefully receiving

This time of year is all about giving and receiving. And if you’re like many women, you’re great at the giving part. It feels natural to want to give to those you care about, it feels great to see the difference that your gifts can make in other people’s lives, and of course, it makes […]

Feeling exhausted? Read this

I was speaking to several very successful women at an event a few weeks ago, and as the conversation turned to the upcoming holidays and end of the year, every single one of them told me the same thing: they felt worn down, disappointed in their progress, and desperate to fit “just one more thing” […]

The Magic of Repeating Yourself

Women like you and I are in a powerful place. Thankfully, we’re in it together and it’s true that we really do have the knowledge at our finger tips and the capacity to create, and experience, the lives and businesses that we truly desire. Does that seem far fetched to you? For many this is […]

The Antidote for Shame

Have you ever tried to make a big change in your life (maybe repeatedly), only to find that for some reason, it just won’t take? It might be a problem with the method … but more than likely, it’s because you’re struggling with shame. Sound crazy? Consider… In the path to become more of our […]

How to Unblock Your Flow

Do you ever have those times where you just feel off? Like no matter what you do, you just feel a bit bottled up and stuck, a bit out of flow. I get this way sometimes too, as we all do — but I’ve found that there’s a very easy, very quick way to break […]