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How to make your to-do list work better for you

Ever feel like your to-do list is ruling your life? Whether you’re a tech-loving app devotee, wedded to Basecamp, Trello, or Asana – or a back-of-an-envelope scribbler, convinced that the very act of putting pen to paper helps your brain fire better – I want to set you a challenge today to make your to-do […]

How to change career paths

Knowing how to change career paths without burning bridges is an art that’s invaluable in today’s world. You might have been through a few iterations of your working life already, or perhaps you’re experiencing for the first time the feeling that what’s next for you might look very different to what came before. Whatever the circumstances, […]

Guest Post: 5 Pelvic Floor Myths – Revealed

This is a guest post by Wendy Powell. I want to get real about all things pelvic floor and clear up some of the myths you may have heard about these muscles. When it comes to women’s health, especially pelvic health, there’s a lot of myths that need busting. I want to help you to […]

How to create a sacred space at home

Whether you’re a proud, science-loving sceptic or a fully paid up embracer of all things esoteric in life, knowing how to create a sacred space at home is one of the most important steps you can take towards success. It’s easy to get caught up in the multiple roles you play in the world: Parent, […]

Guest blog: Your most intimate relationship (it’s not what you think)

This article is by Almira Ross, one of our Certified Coaches and part of the coaching team on our the Lead the Change and BePowerful Programmes. Your most intimate relationship probably isn’t with your partner, your kids or your family. These days, they often take distant second place to a much more intriguing, exciting and […]

Guest blog: What does perimenopause feel like?

There’s so much attention (deservedly) on the menopause right now, which is great news for all women needing support. But menopause is still regarded as something that happens in your fifties, and you may not realise that you are actually in the middle of ‘peri-menopause’. So what does peri-menopause feel like, and how do you […]

Are you a Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to managing money?

It’s a surprisingly common challenge among our community of smart, capable women: Managing budgets is part of your role at work and you’re competent – even talented – at doing it. But when it comes to your own finances, it’s a different story. Why is it that we can be firing on all cylinders when […]

5 essential steps to manage money after an unexpected windfall

When you receive an unexpected windfall – whether an inheritance, lottery win, or sum from the sale of a business – it can stir up all kinds of unexpected emotions. Along with joy and gratitude you might find yourself feeling surprisingly confused, conflicted, or even resentful at the choices you now need to make. Money […]

Guest post: How to love yourself first

I know you will have heard this before, but the most important relationship you have is with yourself. You are the first person you need to fall in love with – otherwise you are expecting someone else to fulfil you, putting a massive burden on them. Today I’m going to share some simple exercises so […]

One of many Voices: Mary Waring

Mary Waring is an independent financial advisor for women and author of A Man is Not A Financial Plan, whose mission is to empower women and help them make informed decision about their finances. Today she’s giving us a peek into her day-to-day life, and how she manages her energy to allow her to continue […]

Guest Post: How forgiveness frees you

I’ve been studying and teaching forgiveness for over 20 years now, and the more I really dig into the topic, the better I understand just how crucial it is for our wellbeing, and how forgiveness frees you. I find myself getting really stirred up about it, because it so often gets overlooked and the consequences […]

Guest Post: What to wear to a 2-day event

This is a guest post by Helen Reynolds. Every year, in the run-up to the One Woman Conference, the chat in the Facebook group follows a pattern. It gradually evolves from deep, open and supportive conversation about what we’ll learn, and what will be the key lightbulb moments, to clothing chat along the lines of […]

Why is women’s leadership important in our world?

Female leadership matters. All other considerations aside, it results in better performance. Studies have shown that companies with greater gender diversity, not just among the workforce as a whole but specifically among senior leaders, are more profitable. So, the answer to the question “why is women’s leadership important in our world?”, the answer is simple: […]

Why money is power – and how you can get more of it

Today I want to talk about money – because our economic power as women is something which I believe we absolutely have to turn around if we are serious about shifting the way the world works. Not just for ourselves but for our kids, for our families, and for the world at large. And there’s […]

Guest post: What to do when emotions take over

This article is by Thea Jolly, one of our Certified Coaches and part of the coaching team on our the Lead the Change and BePowerful Programmes. Last week, things suddenly spiralled out of control. It happened as I was explaining to my son that he couldn’t play on the xBox because of his behaviour the […]

One of Many Voices: Karen Skidmore

Karen Skidmore is a marketing consultant and business growth advisor who helps business owners create simpler, smarter, more profitable businesses. We asked her to share a glimpse into her life and work… What do you do? I’ve been running my own coaching business for the past 15 years. I left my corporate career as a […]

One of Many Voices: Veronica Roberts

As an Educational Psychologist, Veronica has spent her career working with children and parents. But it wasn’t until she became a mum herself that a moment of total vulnerability and overwhelm sparked an idea for a new movement to help women find connection and support. We asked her to share more of her story… What […]

Guest post: 6 lessons from taking the leap to do coaching certification

Hi, I’m Jen, an ex-corporate wild soul and One of many Certified Women’s Coach. If you’d told me three years ago that I’d be living the life I’m living now, I’d have laughed in disbelief. It was the stuff of dreams, the sort of thing that Other People did – people that were far braver, […]

What your underwear drawer reveals about your time management skills

Marie Kondo, the bestselling clutter-clearer famous for suggesting we rid our homes of any item that doesn’t “spark joy”, has a lot to answer for. It seems that everywhere I look these days someone else is proudly displaying a snap of their clutter-free office, or marvelling at the feel-good factor that comes from folding your […]

One of Many Voices: Heather Waring

As someone who constantly pushed herself as a career woman, mum, wife, daughter and friend, Heather got lost along the way. In 2013/2014 she burnt out and was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. She describes that as the greatest gift she could ever be given and is here to tell other women that you can indeed […]