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2 needs that define 2020

All of us have needs in our lives. And in relationships, we learn to balance our needs with those of someone else  – so that we can feel we’re being supported, and be there for others in turn. Two specific needs have been deeply tested this year in particular. If you’re in a relationship, knowing […]

How to deal with negative people

Who’s that person in your life… The one who makes your heart sink when you see their name pop up on your phone – or whose response to your latest idea or project is bound to deflate you? Negative people can be really challenging to handle – so today I want to share 5 quick […]

How your vulnerability is your strength

Let’s talk about vulnerability today. If you’ve ever found yourself secretly thinking “everybody seems to be doing better than me!”, read on. I’m going to explain why that’s not true, what stops us from admitting it, and how sharing what’s really going on for you can be a source of radical power and support. Strange as it […]

(Guest Post) Why is sales so difficult when you care?

Whether you’re in business selling a service or product, are raising money for a cause close to your heart, or just want to “sell” a new idea to your romantic partner or your boss, there are always times when the ability to guide and influence others is an important tool in your toolkit. But if […]

How to handle your inner critic

Want to know how to handle your inner critic? Right now, many of us are hearing that nit-picking little voice more than ever. And the things she comes out with can be spiteful. On a recent Lunch and Learn session over on the One of many Facebook page, we shared some of her best lines […]

Why we’re so emotional right now

“I can’t feel my legs at all now!” I yelled to James as he shivered on the beach. “Come on in, it’s fabulous!” August in North Wales and I was channelling my inner Brit, stoically frolicking in the freezing surf despite the overcast clouds and drizzle. The sea really was glorious, even if it was […]

7 ways to overcome procrastination

With the changes and upheaval we’ve all experienced in the last 6 months, many of us are procrastinating like champions. Even if you’re usually someone who’s ruthlessly disciplined, you might find there are some items on your to-do list that are starting to recur. So how can you overcome procrastination – and what if that […]

How to deal with your emotions

Emotions are a response to the thoughts we have about various situations and circumstances. There are emotions that we like and want to continue having and there are others that we dislike and want to avoid at all costs. We need to understand more about the emotions that we dislike and want to avoid, as […]

Guest post: 5 ways to feel empowered about politics

I get asked about politics a lot. It’s my own fault. I’m a self-confessed political geek. When I was a child I thought I’d know when I was a ‘proper’ grown up because I would understand finance and politics. I’d be able to watch the news and know what they were talking about. It’s the […]

5 Easy Ways to Calm Your Money Chaos

Money chaos is the disorganised way we all sometimes feel about money from time to time. But finding your way back to clarity doesn’t need to take years, or hours of learning from financial experts. It can start with a simple re-framing of your mindset. So today, let’s start really simple, with these 5 straightforward […]

How to stay engaged without losing your compassion

“You have no right to comment on this, because I didn’t raise you as a woman of color!” my mom told me. All I could do was pause. With that one comment I was left feeling alienated and flabbergasted. As a woman of color living in the United States, my mom was reeling from the […]

4 Ways to Treat Your Money Like a Lover

Money is a force. It is a concentrated symbol of energy and power in life. And you have a unique relationship to your finances. That relationship is made up of things like how often you think about money, how you feel when you do, what matters to you when it comes to finances, and how […]

One of many voices: Carib Eats Founder Ali Kakande

Ali Kakande is one of many women in our community making a big difference in her corner of the world. So when she reached out recently to share her Carib Eats project, we were intrigued to find out more. Her story of grassroots leadership exemplifies so much of what we’re all about here at One […]

YOUR voices have been heard

When I first discovered that the Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee here in the UK was calling for evidence about the unequal impact of Covid19 on different groups of people (eg: women; Black and Minority Ethnic groups; people living with disabilities or long term illnesses; people undergoing gender reassignment; members of the LGBTQ community) I […]

One of many women actively standing against racism

“As part of my commitment to get uncomfortable in the fight against racism, I want to start right here.” These were the words I typed into our community Facebook group this week, knowing that what I was about to write would fail. That in opening this conversation I would inevitably make ignorant, inexcusable mistakes. But […]

How to be present in your relationship

One of the worst things in a relationship is feeling lonely, despite being with another person. Sadly, it’s a common enough experience for many couples, especially during these times of unexpected strain. It’s often one of those things that creeps up surreptitiously, until it is almost too late. So here are a few ways to […]

Emerging Leadership: How to support the NHS without burning out

Burnout effects those in the caring professions more than any other. Is it possible for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers to support the NHS without burning out? And what lessons might they have for all of us juggling the competing demands of roles we’re passionate about, in high-pressured environments? During this time of unprecedented change, […]

Emerging Leadership: Starting a business during quarantine

Emerging leadership: Wendy McCristle During this time of unprecedented change, we’ve been humbled and inspired to see how graduates of the One of Many programs are applying their tools to navigate the difficulties we’re all facing.  So, over the next week or so, we’ll be sharing some truly inspiring interviews with women whose leadership is […]

One of many voices with Dr Joanna Martin: Rod Cartwright

In times of crisis, leadership and communication go hand in hand. Which is why I’m so thrilled to introduce you to someone with a wealth of expertise in both. Meet our guest panellist at our March, 2020 “Clarity in Chaos” livestream conference – Rod Cartwright. Rod is a senior independent advisor specialising in issues management, […]

How to stop worrying what people think

Do you find yourself worrying what other people think of you? We’ve all been there – that sudden paralysis of panic when we think back to a conversation, an email or a message. “Did I come across as I meant to?” we ask ourselves, sweaty-palmed. “Did they think I was being weird/loud/arrogant/fake/stupid?” It can be […]