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One of many Voices: Sarah-Jane Volkers

How do the women in our community show up as leaders in their lives, and make bold choices without losing sight of their own needs? Today we’re settling down for a chat with Sarah-Jane Volkers, who’s opening up about her exciting career transition after 18 years as creative director of the company she co-founded. She’s […]

Guest blog: How to beat stress: 5 powerful mindset shifts

The work emergency that only you can fix. The full glass of water splashing across the laptop. “Mum, I need a costume for school TOMORROW!”. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet come across a magic cure for the curveballs life likes to surprise us with from time to time. What I can share are some simple mindset […]

Selfish or selfless? How personal development helps you contribute

For some of us, embarking on a path of personal development feels oddly, well, selfish. Whether it’s starting an online program, undertaking a full certification training or just setting aside a few hours each week to listen to a 20 minute podcast, taking time out for ourselves can feel as though it’s detracting from our […]

One of many Voices: Felicity Wingrove

With three businesses, a busy household and a passion for living life on her own terms, Felicity Wingrove is a force to be reckoned with. In her words “I get shit done better than almost anyone else I know” A self-confessed linguistics geek, she’s also a One of many Certified Trainer and powerful advocate for […]

If you feel disconnected…

One thing which makes the new paradigm of leadership distinct is the fact that it thrives not on competition – success despite others – but in collaboration and connection. Success with and through others. I was vividly awakened to the importance of this level of connection when I realised it was missing from my own life. […]

Self-esteem versus self worth – what you need to know

Defining your life’s work starts with defining your value. But what does “value” actually mean? Your own sense of how important you are, or something else? Today I want to share my personal distinction between self-esteem versus self worth, and explain why getting the difference clear can be a source of immense freedom (it has […]

One of many Voices: Shona Easton

Shona Easton is a designer and business owner whose bright and beautiful handbags and accessories help successful women stand out. Her quality, ethical accessories are made in India by women she works closely with in her workshop and her commitment to making a difference also shines through in her more recent charity work. We asked […]

Liz Gilbert, Mother and the Alpha Wolf

You love certain people in your life deeply. Your family, dear friends, partner or team. They’re so precious to you that when something goes wrong in their lives, it affects you too. And for those you care most strongly for, you’d do anything to help them be the happiest version of themselves. Only… what happens […]

How to motivate yourself to exercise

You already know what you need to do to stay healthy. Eat your greens, move your body, get enough sleep… And yet, so many of us find ourselves lapsing when it comes to taking care of our bodies. Today I want to share a simple mindset technique for how to motivate yourself to exercise, change […]

Why failure matters

I don’t think many of us start the day wondering what we’re going to fail at, or getting excited to discover which of our brilliant ideas will end up falling flat. And yet, failure is also inevitable – if we’re to do anything that’s outside of our comfort zones. Here’s why failure matters – and […]

When you can’t express emotions easily

If you’re someone everyone relies on, you probably know what it’s like to keep your emotions in check. Team blowing up and a big deadline to meet? Time to smooth things over and play the diplomat. Partner furious that you’re working through the weekend yet again? Swallow your frustration and reassure them you’re not going […]

The truth about burnout

I’m one of many women who know burnout first hand. In fact, once upon a time I’d been running on adrenaline for so long, I ended up in hospital. Which seems nuts to me, now that I know it is possible to be effective without getting swallowed up by everything on my plate. But I’m […]

Can women leaders be true to themselves?

The trouble with deciding to be “true to yourself” as a leader, is that first you have to know which self to choose. You in the car doing a one-woman karaoke version of a song you don’t actually know all the words to? Might not wash with the senior leaders who need to really respect […]

Society 5.0 – Our final exam as leaders

At a recent event I learned about Society 5.0 – Japan’s new vision for the future of society. It’s a world where a digital layer is embedded in everything we do, from drones delivering parcels to robots assisting in manual work. It’s exciting, sure, to think about the potential of such technology to rapidly transform […]

What procrastination means

We’ve all been there. There’s a massive deadline looming, or a really important task to do. And you’re on Facebook. Or tackling a bunch of waaay less important things. Rearranging your desk drawer… watching Netflix… we’ve all got our particular habits, but one thing is certain. You’re not doing the one thing you know you […]

How the Women’s PowerTypes can be useful in daily life

The Women’s PowerTypes™ are 5 archetypes that guide us to access our power as female leaders. You might have read inspiring stories of women like Carol, who used them to manage an international NATO workshop. Or seen other women in our community sharing big projects and impressive wins. But what about the day to day stresses […]

Guest post: How to change financial habits

Changing a habit – any habit – can be challenging. But when it comes to finances, change can be especially tricky. Perhaps you’re constantly overspending, and you know it’s time to rein in your daily budget so you can focus on some longer-term goals. Or you’re ready to get a handle on your debt once […]

Guest post: How to stop judgmental thoughts

Competent women all too often feel we have to supervise everything; that it’s up to us to decide if something or someone is up to scratch or not. This urge to control is often born from a deeper fear of getting things wrong. And very often it doesn’t help us – which is why knowing […]

When you feel responsible for everything

As a child, did you ever imagine how fun it would be when you could “make all the rules”? When to go to bed (never!)… What to have for dinner (icecream!)… Who to allow in your special secret club (no boys!). Unfortunately, along with growing up comes the dawning realization that “making all the rules” […]

What anger can do for us

Anger’s a complicated emotion, isn’t it? Whether you’re someone who tends to direct her anger inwards in the form of self-critical thoughts, or find yourself getting cross with others when they make mistakes or act selfishly, it can be tricky to develop a healthy relationship with this controversial emotion. As women, we’re often taught that […]