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How to talk about money

Are you comfortable talking about finances with the people in your life? Or would you rather share sex tips in a team meeting than another blow-up with your partner about long term savings plans? If you’re not sure how to talk about money in a way that feels constructive, empowering and productive, read on. I’m […]

Your personality type and leadership: a new perspective

If you’re curious about what makes you tick there are a whole host of different tests and profiles out there, each of which can bring their own insight. The Women’s PowerTypes offer a fresh perspective, that’s designed specifically to enhance and enlighten women in leadership roles of any kind. If you’re a woman who’s interested […]

Women’s leadership with impact: Are you making this mistake?

Many of us get the wrong end of the stick when it comes to creating women’s leadership with impact. Whether you want to be moving your organisation forward; making waves with your business; or stepping up as a really powerful role model for your kids, the mistake is the same: So often we start with […]

How to lead a team through change

In turbulent times, powerful leadership is crucial. Perhaps you’re going through a big organizational restructure; have some near-impossible deadlines looming or are facing big changes in your family life. Today I want to share a slightly different approach to how to lead a team through change – which can prove hugely effective. The importance of […]

Guest blog: What menopause means

“Menopause is an opportunity”. Let’s be honest, if you ask most people what menopause means, you won’t often hear that said! For those of you in menopause right now, you may either be scratching your head wondering what I am on… or throwing epithets of rage at me. Bear with me! What menopause means: a […]

What a toddler can teach you about how to manage anger

If you’ve spent any time with a strong-willed young lady lately, you’ll know how utterly uninhibited toddlers can be when it comes to managing anger. My two year old daughter has no qualms when it comes to letting me know EXACTLY what she wants – and doesn’t want! – right now, with no holds barred. […]

Can I coach others if I’ve had a difficult past?

Some of the really common questions I hear from women thinking about becoming a coach start with “Can I really coach others if…” … I’ve experienced mental health challenges? … I’ve been through a relationship breakdown – and things are still messy? … I still don’t feel like I’ve got my sh*t together? It’s a […]

One of many Voices: Valerie Schlegel Stettler

As a former stockbroker and self described “modern witch”, Valerie Schlegel Stettler is a living example of the many different facets women leaders can embody. Today, the One of many Certified Trainer and in-house coach shares her journey to authentic leadership on her own terms, as well giving us a peek into her daily routine… […]

How to get back on track

Is it time to reconnect with yourself and what motivates you? Maybe you’re returning from a gorgeous unplugged holiday, passing a milestone like a birthday or preparing for a new phase after retirement, redundancy or maternity leave. Or it might be a more subtle nudge – a sense that life’s starting to feel a little […]

Guest post: What anxiety really feels like

Standing on the tube platform at South Kensington, a feeling of overwhelm came over me. I felt hot, light headed, wobbly on my feet, but unable to move – as though my feet were welded to the floor. I could see and hear everybody around me, but they were moving in slow motion. It came […]

How to find more energy

Ask me how to find more energy so you can focus on the things that really matter to you, and the answer I give might surprise you. At One of many our Soft Power principle number one is “First, replenish your energy” – and as a doctor, you might expect me to advocate eight hours […]

When self care feels like a chore

When you’re working flat out just to stay on top of your responsibilities, self-care can feel like one more thing you don’t have time for. If your idea of self-love is crossing the final item off your to-do list – and maybe getting 8 hours sleep to celebrate – today I’m sharing 5 simple steps […]

Guest post: 7 daily strategies to reduce overwhelm

This article is by Thea Jolly, one of our Certified Coaches and part of the coaching team on our Lead the Change and BePowerful Programmes. Modern life is often busy, chaotic and overwhelming. If you struggle with a tendency to take on too much or hold yourself to impossibly high standards, you might well feel […]

How to achieve financial stability

Financial stability is the foundation for so much of life. When your income and outgoings are roughly equal, and you know exactly what your money situation is, you have choices: where to focus your energy; what your next career move is; what your priorities are based on your values. And yet most of us aren’t […]

Why the climate crisis needs female leaders

Climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge we’re currently facing as a planet. The scientists have spoken; the technology to turn things around is there. What we need now are leaders who are ready to make the bold, and perhaps unpopular decisions that will create the change we need. Whether or not you “believe” the […]

How to avoid spreading yourself too thin

You know when, mid-shower, you realize you left shampoo off the shopping list again – so you try to convince yourself a mouse-sized amount of over-diluted product is going to get you through another wash? So many women find ourselves doing exactly that with our time and energy. We water ourselves down until there’s barely […]

One of many Voices: Sarah-Jane Volkers

How do the women in our community show up as leaders in their lives, and make bold choices without losing sight of their own needs? Today we’re settling down for a chat with Sarah-Jane Volkers, who’s opening up about her exciting career transition after 18 years as creative director of the company she co-founded. She’s […]

Guest blog: How to beat stress: 5 powerful mindset shifts

The work emergency that only you can fix. The full glass of water splashing across the laptop. “Mum, I need a costume for school TOMORROW!”. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet come across a magic cure for the curveballs life likes to surprise us with from time to time. What I can share are some simple mindset […]

Selfish or selfless? How personal development helps you contribute

For some of us, embarking on a path of personal development feels oddly, well, selfish. Whether it’s starting an online program, undertaking a full certification training or just setting aside a few hours each week to listen to a 20 minute podcast, taking time out for ourselves can feel as though it’s detracting from our […]

One of many Voices: Felicity Wingrove

With three businesses, a busy household and a passion for living life on her own terms, Felicity Wingrove is a force to be reckoned with. In her words “I get shit done better than almost anyone else I know” A self-confessed linguistics geek, she’s also a One of many Certified Trainer and powerful advocate for […]