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Jo&Co Episiode 8: A moment with Wendy Powell

Recently I interviewed the amazing Wendy Powell of MuTu System. Wendy is a huge online success with her system designed to take care of women’s health post-partum. What I love about her approach is it fits beautifully with our teachings of how Superwoman won’t get you sustainable fruitful outcomes, and that includes in your health. […]

Guest Blog – How To Access Your Heart And Be 5000x More Powerful Than Using Your Mind

Today’s Guest Blog Post by Yvette Taylor. You are incredibly powerful. Did you know that the wisdom and answers to everything you need are already inside you? It’s just that you need to learn how to access it. There is more to you than your physical body. You are made of electromagnetic energy and so is everything around […]

Guest Blog – Are you trapped inside of decisions you made years ago?

Enjoy this guest blog from one of my good friends Tara Marino. Love Jo Are there are decisions that you made years ago that aren’t serving you anymore?   Maybe you decided on a specific career or maybe you wanted to live somewhere or own a certain house?  Maybe you wanted to start a particular type […]

My Friend the Imposter Syndrome!

I have a confession to make. I was on a coaching call with my mentor, Ali Brown last night. And I realised once more how my crazy li’l mind holds me back. Well- she pointed it out to me, actually. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a terrible networker. Give me a stage in front […]

Instinct or intuition… can you tell the difference?

If you’d love to enhance your ability to make the right decisions for your path in life then you’re going to love today’s blog. We’re going to look at where intuition comes from, what it is, what it’s not and how to enhance it. Intuition is one of our gifts as women. I don’t think […]

How Talented Women Thrive!

Do you suffer from energy hangover? Energy what? Energy hangover. For instance when you get home from a mad busy day at work where you’ve been multi-tasking, getting things done and making decisions, then you get home and dinner is a military operation, you don’t really notice that your kids are there and you haven’t […]

8 strategies to overcome Imposter Sydrome

If you ever have that feeling that sooner or later someone is going to find out that you’re actually no good at whatever it is you’re doing, that you’re a total fraud…. or indeed you’ve not taken opportunities IN CASE someone finds out you’re a fraud… then chances are you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome. In […]

Jo&Co Episode #6: Superwoman

In this episode of Jo & Co we’re exploring one of the biggest obstacles to women’s effectiveness. If you’ve been to one of my live events, you will probably have seen me tearing around with my underpants and cape on bringing this obstacle to life. Check out this episode to understand exactly what, or perhaps […]

Why I don’t believe in Procrastination

If you’ve ever found yourself putting off an important task then this blog is going to be useful for you. We’ll be exploring what causes us to procrastinate and what to do about it. In my experience of coaching highly successful women I’ve discovered that a lot of women tell themselves they’re procrastinating when actually […]

(Video) Dalai Lama on CNBC

In this 1min 5 sec dose of common sense,  his Holiness says: “Sometimes I feel that if the leadership of over 200 nations was with women, the world would be a little bit safer!  I really feel that!” You know- I feel that too. You? What’s more I was watching Michael Moore’s recent movie “Where […]

Has the world gone mad? You are the solution to these crazy times!

I really think the world is going mad. It feels like our future, the destiny of our children is being altered dramatically every other week right now. I’m writing this as I fly home to the UK from a holiday in Australia with my family.  And everywhere I turn the world feels uncertain. What with […]

Jo&Co Episode #7: Effective Presentation

So many of you amazing ladies in our One of Many community have a sense that you have something important to share with the world. That’s why we share so much about Leadership. To be a truly effective leader you need to inspire others to action, that’s why I’m so passionate about the difference between […]

Natural Cycles: An interview with Samjhana Moon (One of many voices)

As a doctor, I know the effect of hormones on our bodies, that’s why I’m excited to be sharing today’s podcast with you exploring women’s cycles with Visionary Photographic Artist and Natural Cycles Mentor, Samjhana Moon. We’ll be delving into some ancient wisdom to help you, not only get the best out of yourself, but […]

Jo&Co Episode #5 – A Moment With Ali Broawn

Bonjour! Come with me to Paris and meet my first Jo&Co guest. I thought I’d start with the crème de la crème and you’re in for a real treat with a lady who has been hailed as THE Entrepreneurial Guru for women by Business News Daily. As well as being noted by Forbes as a […]

Jo&Co Episode 4 – The Productivity Trap

“I will be productive today!” You have said that to yourself at least once in the past 2 weeks haven’t you? Did it work? Because more often than not, for women, demanding productivity of ourselves is our first mistake! In this episode of Jo & Co, I want to share with you the difference between […]

The Myth of I’m Too Busy

There is no doubt in my mind that Busy-Ness has reached epidemic proportions.  For most of us “I’m Busy” has become a badge of honour- undeniably stating to the world “I AM IN DEMAND, I AM VALUABLE”. “Isn’t it obvious?” we think we are proving to ourselves and the world… “Everyone wants a piece of […]

Jo&Co Episode 3 – Overwhelm first aid

It doesn’t matter where you sit on the spectrum of leadership, whether you are CEO of a global company or a local community centre volunteer, we all suffer this from time to time… Overwhelm! Even when you have mastered prioritising, time management or delegation, we all hit overwhelm at some stage. Today I wanted to […]

The Gift of Receiving

Last week I had a melt down. As I looked at the triggers it became clear that I had once more got myself into a situation where I was supporting everyone, and I wasn’t getting the support I needed. Don’t get me wrong here I have a great supportive team.  They are amazing.  But I’m […]

Jo&Co Episode 2 – Making a Difference

In this episode I’m taking a look at “Making a Difference”. As you know I am passionate about helping you change your corner of the world, but influencing people wasn’t always something I felt 100% comfortable with, it felt manipulative. In this episode I will share with you my realisation on how I was able […]

The Secret to Getting Support from the Universe

Have you ever had a time when it just seemed like everything was going your way? You could do no wrong, and it was like the universe itself was going out of its way to make things work for you. A lot of people experience this kind of thing sporadically, and think that’s just the […]