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How to get over mother guilt

This article is by Thea Jolly, one of our Certified Coaches and part of the coaching team on our the Lead the Change and Be Powerful Programmes. Thea’s mission is to help women feel at peace with themselves – because only then can they make their biggest and boldest contributions to their families, communities and […]

Can you do coaching certification online?

If you’ve decided that you want to become a coach you’re probably already excited about making powerful transformation a bigger part of the work you do in the world. Naturally you’re curious about how certification works – can you do coaching certification online? Do you need to choose a residential course? And what do you […]

When boundaries don’t work

Boundaries are one of our most essential tools when it comes to staying sane and managing our multiple responsibilities. Whether it’s clarity around work responsibilities, structure around your time or knowing just what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to communication, forget diamonds – boundaries are your very best friend. So when boundaries don’t […]

5 ways to give effective presentations

This blog is by Cath Daley, one of our Certified Coaches on our the Lead the Change and Be Powerful Programmes. Cath’s passion is helping women to tap into their natural feminine talents to be extraordinary leaders and compelling speakers. And today, she’s addressing a thorny issue for any of us called to stand in […]

Too much to do, too little time?

Too much to do, too little time? Welcome to the somewhat knackered club! Research this year from the Mental Health Foundation Thinktank in the UK showed that 81% of women felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the past year (and we’re not being swamped with spa days or lie-ins). Having too much to do […]

When you feel like you’re failing

Do you ever feel like a total failure? Whether it’s messing up as a mum or dropping the ball on a key work target, when you feel like you’re failing it can be tough to pick yourself up and keep going. And yet failure can actually be an incredibly powerful tool for growth. What makes […]

How to tell if you’re busy or productive

Have you ever felt as though, even though you spend your day ticking boxes and meeting deadlines, you don’t seem to be getting any closer to the big things you really dream of doing? You’re zooming from task to task like a bee after one too many cups of coffee, so how come it feels […]

Can’t make a decision? Try this

When you can’t make a decision the feeling of mounting pressure can be intense – and the impact of not taking action can be bigger than you think. A while ago I coached a woman who absolutely hated her job. I mean, really hated it. She described herself as “feeling slowly suffocated” by the time […]

Are relationships about compromise?

Are relationships about compromise? In 2011, Madonna was quoted as saying: “The older I get, the more I understand about the nature of relationships and how to have a successful one. The more I realize that it has to do with compromise and sacrifice and that’s just the way it goes. And unless you want […]

How to manage women

Irene Rosenfeld is the CEO of Mondelez International, one of the largest snack companies in the world. With $26 billion in annual sales, they count Oreos and Ritz crackers among their products, so it’s probably safe to say she knows a thing or two about managing people to have an incredible impact. When asked for […]

How to start a coaching business

Imagine: Spending your days with inspiring clients, watching them go on to make a massive difference in their communities. Supporting women to step into their power with powerful choices that work for them and their families. Choosing your hours, playing to your strengths and getting paid for what you love to do. Sounds like a […]

When to say no to your boss

You know you have to say no if you’re going to make progress on what you’re actually trying to achieve at work. But one of the most challenging times to uphold your boundaries can be when the request you’re declining comes from your boss, a client, or someone else in a position of authority. You […]

What to do when you’re jealous

Who do you know who’s annoyingly perfect? Maybe it’s a friend who’s given up drinking and carbs for pre-dawn yoga sessions, and looks about ten years younger. An ex-colleague who’s  out there killing it and soaking up the praise, while you’re stuck behind the same old desk. Or the mum in the playground frolicking happily […]

Mindfulness: where to start

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to the present moment, or what is actually happening. It can be easier said than done – most of us spend a lot of our time either processing what has happened in the past, or projecting and planning the future. Here are some tips if you’re curious about […]

The power of connection

In a world that’s increasingly connected digitally, and yet more and more isolated in real terms, we’re understanding more and more the power of connection. Connecting with others has a huge impact on our wellbeing – physically, emotionally, and economically. But why exactly is that – and what’s the impact those connections have on our […]

What makes a career meaningful?

What makes a career meaningful? We all have good days and bad days – times when it feels like your tasks are flying off the to-do list, and others when it’s more like wading through treacle. But apart from the usual ups and downs, do you feel like your days are spent doing work that’s ultimately […]

Guest blog: Why don’t we (actually) change the world?

My vision is a world in which everyone who wants to change the world for the better is inspired and empowered to do so. It’s a big vision. Making this vision a reality is like eating the proverbial elephant – I’ll be doing it one bite at a time and in collaboration with many others […]

Time management tools for women

The statistics speak for themselves. In 2018, according to the UK’s biggest survey into stress and its impacts, 81% of women said they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the past year. (That’s compared to 67% of men). So if you’re searching for the perfect time management approach for women with too much to […]

How to ask for help without being needy

Have you ever got to the point of total overwhelm and exhaustion… not because you didn’t have the support around you, but because you just didn’t know how to ask for help? I had one particularly memorable meltdown after spending the day with a new team member. Ironically, this amazing woman was someone I’d hired […]

Want to change your life? Read this first

Whether it’s a career change, a house move, or the end of a relationship, change is hard. It’s crazy, right – you can be in a job that feels like it’s sucking your soul, an eating pattern that has you feeling like absolute crap or a relationship you know it’s time to end. And yet […]