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Society 5.0 – Our final exam as leaders

At a recent event I learned about Society 5.0 – Japan’s new vision for the future of society. It’s a world where a digital layer is embedded in everything we do, from drones delivering parcels to robots assisting in manual work. It’s exciting, sure, to think about the potential of such technology to rapidly transform […]

What procrastination means

We’ve all been there. There’s a massive deadline looming, or a really important task to do. And you’re on Facebook. Or tackling a bunch of waaay less important things. Rearranging your desk drawer… watching Netflix… we’ve all got our particular habits, but one thing is certain. You’re not doing the one thing you know you […]

How the Women’s PowerTypes can be useful in daily life

The Women’s PowerTypes™ are 5 archetypes that guide us to access our power as female leaders. You might have read inspiring stories of women like Carol, who used them to manage an international NATO workshop. Or seen other women in our community sharing big projects and impressive wins. But what about the day to day stresses […]

Guest post: How to change financial habits

Changing a habit – any habit – can be challenging. But when it comes to finances, change can be especially tricky. Perhaps you’re constantly overspending, and you know it’s time to rein in your daily budget so you can focus on some longer-term goals. Or you’re ready to get a handle on your debt once […]

Guest post: How to stop judgmental thoughts

Competent women all too often feel we have to supervise everything; that it’s up to us to decide if something or someone is up to scratch or not. This urge to control is often born from a deeper fear of getting things wrong. And very often it doesn’t help us – which is why knowing […]

When you feel responsible for everything

As a child, did you ever imagine how fun it would be when you could “make all the rules”? When to go to bed (never!)… What to have for dinner (icecream!)… Who to allow in your special secret club (no boys!). Unfortunately, along with growing up comes the dawning realization that “making all the rules” […]

What anger can do for us

Anger’s a complicated emotion, isn’t it? Whether you’re someone who tends to direct her anger inwards in the form of self-critical thoughts, or find yourself getting cross with others when they make mistakes or act selfishly, it can be tricky to develop a healthy relationship with this controversial emotion. As women, we’re often taught that […]

Feeling cynical about politics? How Michelle Obama and an ex-president changed my mind

Have you been feeling cynical about politics? Lately, it’s been hard not to feel sceptical about the quality of leadership we’re seeing in those at the helm of our nations. Today, I shared some of my recent personal journey around feeling cynical about politics on – here’s a taste of some of what I’ve […]

3 people every leader needs on her team

If you want to be the most effective leader you can be, you can’t do it on your own. Sometimes that means making sure you have specialist support on a nitty-gritty level – team members to delegate to, or support around practical things like childcare. But today I want to talk about 3 people every […]

Guest blog: What to do when they won’t listen to you

Do your children do things when you ask them to? Or, are you like most parents I speak with, frustrated because your children won’t listen or respond when you need them to? If you’d love to know what to do when they won’t listen to you, you’re not alone. Here’s an example of what I […]

Guest Post: The Inner Game of Money

When it comes to your finances, it’s the inner game of money that makes all the difference. Today I’m going to share 4 profiles that can help you figure out what your “inner game” is, but first, let’s think about the context we’re in. How many women do you know who are super confident about […]

How to turn a bad mood around in 4 steps

Have you ever had one of those days where everything’s going great – you’re rocking and rolling through your to-do list, staying on top of things, looking forward to your plans for the evening and then – BAM – out of the blue something happens that makes it all fall apart? It’s moments like that […]

Guest blog: Is positive thinking good for you?

Positive thinking is everywhere! You can’t have a coffee, go on Facebook or buy a journal without seeing messages to “think positively” and “be happy”. In our modern culture of busyness, stress and overwhelm, staying positive has become ever more popular as a way to keep focused on what we want to achieve and how […]

4 centuries of anger – time for a change?

Women have been maligned, undermined and overlooked for hundreds of years. In a recent article on I explored some of the implications for us as leaders… as well as opening up about my personal response to recent events. Today I am angry. Angry at being overlooked. Angry at feeling unsafe my whole life. Angry. […]

How one hidden number shapes your life

When it comes to talking about money, lots of us find ourselves switching off – and I’m really curious about why that is. A common excuse is that finances are kind of a “dry” topic. Income, expenditure, numbers… if you’re more of a people-loving, connecting, creative person it can be easy to dismiss money as […]

Guest post: How to stop feeling stuck

This is a guest post by Jo Douglas.  Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be stuck in your life, and how to stop feeling stuck when that happens. Have you ever had a time when the way forward seemed less clear, when it felt like you […]

How to make your to-do list work better for you

Ever feel like your to-do list is ruling your life? Whether you’re a tech-loving app devotee, wedded to Basecamp, Trello, or Asana – or a back-of-an-envelope scribbler, convinced that the very act of putting pen to paper helps your brain fire better – I want to set you a challenge today to make your to-do […]

How to change career paths

Knowing how to change career paths without burning bridges is an art that’s invaluable in today’s world. You might have been through a few iterations of your working life already, or perhaps you’re experiencing for the first time the feeling that what’s next for you might look very different to what came before. Whatever the circumstances, […]

Guest Post: 5 Pelvic Floor Myths – Revealed

This is a guest post by Wendy Powell. I want to get real about all things pelvic floor and clear up some of the myths you may have heard about these muscles. When it comes to women’s health, especially pelvic health, there’s a lot of myths that need busting. I want to help you to […]

How to create a sacred space at home

Whether you’re a proud, science-loving sceptic or a fully paid up embracer of all things esoteric in life, knowing how to create a sacred space at home is one of the most important steps you can take towards success. It’s easy to get caught up in the multiple roles you play in the world: Parent, […]