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Time management tools for women

The statistics speak for themselves. In 2018, according to the UK’s biggest survey into stress and its impacts, 81% of women said they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the past year. (That’s compared to 67% of men). So if you’re searching for the perfect time management approach for women with too much to […]

How to ask for help without being needy

Have you ever got to the point of total overwhelm and exhaustion… not because you didn’t have the support around you, but because you just didn’t know how to ask for help? I had one particularly memorable meltdown after spending the day with a new team member. Ironically, this amazing woman was someone I’d hired […]

Want to change your life? Read this first

Whether it’s a career change, a house move, or the end of a relationship, change is hard. It’s crazy, right – you can be in a job that feels like it’s sucking your soul, an eating pattern that has you feeling like absolute crap or a relationship you know it’s time to end. And yet […]

What marriage is really like

Want to know what marriage is really like? Let me paint you a picture. We’re in the kitchen, when Greg opens the fridge and does a double take. “Why is there so much food in the fridge? Do we have people coming round, or something?” He knows the answer already. I’ve mentioned it at least […]

Are you tired? How to boost your energy without getting more sleep

Are you tired? Maybe that’s a silly question. A lot of us get so used to ‘running on empty’ that we barely register we’re exhausted any more. Instead of feeling awake at the start of the day and tired at the end, we’re existing in varying shades of knackered: from flat out exhausted (yet somehow […]

How to handle Imposter Syndrome

I was in the boarding lounge at Heathrow Airport, in tears. (Not one of my proudest moments, I have to say) I was crying because I was about to do something amazing. It was my first trip to work with Ali Brown, someone who I had followed and looked up to for years and years […]

How is wellness different from health?

When it comes to taking care of yourself, making sure you’re in optimum health has got to be a priority for all of us. It’s fundamental, isn’t it – if we’re not physically doing OK, there’s no way we can perform at our best intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. If you’re sick, injured or unwell, you’re […]

5 reasons why leadership training doesn’t work

Think about the leaders who inspire you – the ones who’ve made the biggest difference in the world. The catalysts for social change, the humanitarians who ease suffering and promote equality, and the business leaders who’ve changed the way we interact with the world and each other. Was the impact they created fuelled by leadership […]

What to do when you feel isolated

In a world that’s more connected than ever, it can be hard to know what to do when you feel isolated. Isolation is defined as “the state of feeling alone and without friends or help.” If that’s a feeling you’ve had even a glimpse of lately, it’s important to take action to get the help […]

Criticism or judgement? What to do when feedback hurts

As women leaders, we can’t control all the criticism or judgment that we’re going to receive from others. It doesn’t matter how big or small your vision is. The very nature of declaring that you stand for something, or that you’re making any kind of change, opens us up to feedback from others. Whether you’re […]

Personal finances – where to start

Did you know that in the UK, where I live currently, it’s estimated women are going to hold more than 60% of the country’s wealth by 2025 ? We are a veritable army of change waiting to be tapped into. If we equip and empower ourselves around money and start making decisions which are in […]

Can wealth make you happy?

Can wealth make you happy? If you don’t have much money it’s tempting to think that it can; if you know you have plenty, you’re probably wondering why it doesn’t. The fact is, wealth alone is the wrong measure to be looking at when it comes to our happiness, and here’s why: In every area […]

Guest blog: Mindfulness for women

Mindfulness is everywhere. You can buy books on Mindful Cooking, Mindful gardening, Mindful walking. There are mindfulness diaries and even Mindfulness colouring books! So what does mindfulness for women look like? Mindfulness has become a buzz word and is being rolled out through corporate, health sectors, schools and even in Government. It is an attention […]

What’s my leadership style?

Where are you a leader in your life? At work? Running a business? Or within your family, community, or voluntary organization? Here at One of many our mission is to create a movement of women ready to become the leaders the world needs. After all, as a planet, the model of power that’s been dominant […]

Guest blog: How to heal burnout

There is a lot written about burnout and adrenal fatigue. The peak age of onset of fatigue related illness is people between the ages of 20 – 40, 82% of whom are women. Women just like you, who live busy, full lives with families and careers. Women who move out of their body and live in […]

What burnout feels like

The statistics about burnout are pretty sobering – here in the UK, women are 60% more likely to suffer from it than men. If we’re going to change those stats, the first stage is knowing exactly what we’re talking about: what does burnout feel like, and what can we do about it before, or if, […]

Why sleep matters

Remember when you were a kid and staying up late was just about the biggest treat there was? Somehow you just KNEW that the most exciting things were bound to happen as soon as you closed your eyes… and you’d do anything to stretch bedtime out just a little further. How times change, huh? If […]

What self love is not

The concepts of “self love” and “self care” get talked about a lot in personal development circles. You might catch yourself thinking that you really should be doing more to take care of yourself, or show yourself love. (Feeling like a failure about your lack of kindness to yourself kind of defeats the point, don’t […]

I love my kids, so why do I shout at them?

It’s something every parent has surely found themselves wondering from time to time: I love my kids, so why do I shout at them? If you don’t have children, there’s probably another example you can think of. You adore your partner – so what was with those sarcastic words that came out of your mouth […]

How to stop feeling guilty

All of us feel guilt at some time or another. But if you think that guilt’s a purely negative thing that you ought to be avoiding at all costs, pause. I believe that guilt can actually be an incredibly useful emotion, and if we learn what it’s trying to tell us we can absolutely learn […]