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What the hell is empowerment?

Empowerment – What the hell is empowerment? We hear this word so often in today’s world, in the workplace, in all the self-development talk but can we really relate to it? Do we know what it actually means to us? Ask yourself this: What does it mean to be empowered? Or What does being an […]

What are the Women’s PowerTypes™?

Depending on how long you’ve been with us you may or may not be aware of one of the central tools in our work – the Women’s PowerTypes™. Allow me to explain a little… For far too long the only way we have thought we can be taken seriously and get results in the world […]

How to Juggle Competing Priorities.

Are you caught up in festive “busy-ness”? – Giving your all to preparations AND juggling everyday priorities? This time of year, women all over the world are multi-tasking their way to the “big day” feeling increasingly overwhelmed- festive to do lists, diaries and schedules crammed with a ton of extra “must do’s!” So often seasonal […]

How to be confident

How can I be more confident? It’s a question I’ve been asked more times than I can count. So let me try and answer it definitively. But first, let’s dispel a few myths. I personally believe there is a lot of rubbish being talked about confidence. The Problem with Aiming for “Being More Confident” I […]

Podcast: Taking the “ick” out of Selling

If you’re just starting a business or your business is not growing in the way you’d like then this conversation is for you. Because no matter how much you may like to you can’t avoid the fact that sales are an important aspect in business. The challenge is they fill so many people with dread. […]

(Guest Post) Why is sales so difficult when you care?

Whether you’re in business selling a service or product, are raising money for a cause close to your heart, or just want to sell a vision of a new way of relating to your partner, there’s going to be times when the ability to guide and influence others is an important tool in your toolkit.   […]

Grass Roots Women Who Inspire – Cat’s Story

Cat’s Story For as long as I can remember I wanted to make a positive difference in the world. I even started out in my career as a biomedical engineer in Australia, designing aortic stent grafts and literally saving lives! But the problem was… it was boring. I wanted to do something that was exciting […]

Grass-roots women who inspire – Karen’s Story

Karen’s Story – Finding Purpose and Fulfillment ‘You have so much potential, follow your dreams and create the life you want!’ This had been said to me many times but for some reason it never meant anything. Probably because I never felt I had any clarity and certainly no direction or focus for my life. […]

Be the Woman You Were Born to Be

You want to make a difference. You want to be valued. You want to leave a legacy. You want to show your children that life can be amazing. BUT… You’re feeling lost and don’t know which direction to take. Do you have this nagging sense that there is something more you should be doing with […]

How to increase your confidence by putting yourself first

Guest Post by Helen Reynolds Oxygen. Water. Food. Shelter. Love. Friendship. A beautifully cut jacket. My hierarchy of needs runs somewhat differently from Maslow’s version. You might laugh, or think ‘that’s ridiculous!’ And, yes, to some extent it is ridiculous! But, I know that in order to be happy, I HAVE to feel confident about […]

(Podcast) How to create the support you need

The instinctive response of the feminine energy is to collaborate and band together. We believe this means as a woman you can’t thrive unless you’re connected to others. And that as women we achieve our individual success with and through others. Perhaps you, like many women, feel called to make a positive difference in the […]

The Missing Piece to Manifesting Money

For many years we have been hearing about The Law of Attraction and Manifestation; how it’s possible to create the life that you desire by thinking and believing that it’s possible. But there has been a very important missing piece. In this article I’d like to share exactly what that missing piece is and give […]

How to Create a Self-Care Plan and Why You Need One

What is self-care and why do you need it? By self-care, I mean purposely and actively taking time for yourself to do something that rejuvenates and energises you. Self-care is not an indulgence, it’s central to your wellbeing. I want to invite you to think about self-care differently and make it a priority in your […]

The Soft Power Revolution

Last week saw us hosting our inaugural One of many™ Women’s Coach Training. It was truly a phenomenal week of transformation. I have to say I am both thrilled and relieved to have accomplished this training at 37 weeks pregnant! And it struck me as a time of giving birth to two babies at the […]

Jo&Co Episode 11: Environmental Distraction

Did you know that one piece of paper out of place on your desk gets your attention 6 times a day! That’s a lot of wasted attention and therefore wasted energy. Clutter and disorganisation costs you time and money. If you find you are living and working in a disaster zone then it’s definitely a […]

How to change the world without sacrificing your happiness

I’m sure you’ve come across or known at least one person who had great intentions to change the world for the better … but they were so caught up in their principles that they came across as off-putting. And as someone who also wants to change the world, even if you’d never admit it, it […]

Jo&Co Episode #10 – 3 Simple Steps to Saying “No” Gracefully

One of the most common problems I see with my clients is overwhelm. Often they are trying to do too much and juggling a million and one things. I work with amazing women, who are definitely here to make a big difference but paradoxically sometimes you need to do less in order to achieve more. […]

Christmas – Don’t miss the magic!

Being an Australian living in the northern hemisphere, I find that this year I am really present to the sense that Christmas makes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful time of year in Australia as well, because it’s summer with barbecues and lots of fun things to do. But there is something unique and […]

Jo&Co Episode #9 – Needs

As women we have a tendency to put ourselves last and therefore deplete our reserves. Over the years I’ve noticed that men are much better at taking care of their basic needs. We’re not talking about feeling fabulous here, instead just the simple things you require to be okay, to survive or be at neutral. […]

When you feel like you have nothing left to give, do this…

We all know that woman who is everyone’s saviour… or everyone’s doormat… depending on how you look at it. Maybe she’s you. She’s the one who is always there to listen to anyone with a problem. The one that you call at the last minute to babysit, the one who’s always there to co-host the […]