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As a woman you’re many things

Trying to be a good friend but more often a distant one; a loving mum but more often a tired one; an organised colleague, but more often a distracted one.

You commit yourself to others, and sometimes you lose sight of a commitment to yourself.

But you’re not alone. You’re One of many. We all are.

And when many women get together, many great things happen.

Funny that women can create the change they want to see in their lives. Together.

It might be for us, or it might be for the world. We’ll see what happens first.

Imagine a place you can come and feel like you

…the real you…the one buried beneath all the “titles” you have and hats you wear.

We are women from all over the world, coming to one place.
Through social, web, conferences and conviviums world wide, together we are building One of many places you can go when you need to reconnect and commit to yourself.

One of manyTM is the 3 minute cuppa break between swapping hats, it’s the 2 minute deep breath mid bath routine, or the day-dreaming cab ride from one meeting to the next.

Life has demands, we and you together create some structure, some peace.

It’s where you come when you need someone to understand. When you need to be swept into flow, rather than swimming upstream.

We don’t have all the answers, but this is the place for all your questions.

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