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Personal and professional development for women leaders.

Being a powerfully supportive community of women is just One of many things we do. We also provide cutting edge, impactful courses and programs for the personal and professional development of women leaders.

Our graduates tell us it is the most profound and transformational work they have done.

And many speak from over 20 years experience in personal growth
and leadership. Heck- many of them TEACH it!

Because of the unique collaboration between the three women behind the content, bringing over 63 years experience coaching women, we know we have the best of the best for women. We draw on medicine, science, mindfulness, psychology, and a deep understanding of femininity to create the most holistic, yet practical tools and trainings to foster women leaders on the planet.

Online programmes
Learn from the comfort of your own home.


Time and Energy Secrets for Busy Women

A 6-week online program to take you from frantic to fruitful.


Your soft power

A 7-week online program to help you let go of Superwoman and embody the 5 Women’s PowerTypes™


The Soft Power
Summit Series

A fortnight of virtual lunch dates with some of the UKs most inspiring leaders


The 10 Week
Wealth Turnaround

A step-by-step powerful online training to implement the habits of millionaire women.

Weekend retreats
Take some time out just for you


Your Life’s Legacy

A 2-day retreat to turn money from a problem into a powerful ally to shape the world the way you want it.


Relationships for Life

A 2-day retreat to transform your personal relationships, and discover profound self-love.


Your Life’s Work

A 2-day retreat to discover and refine your career path, and make every work day a day on purpose.


Energy for Life

A 2-day retreat to unleash your maximum energy and effectiveness.

The transformation for me since Be Wealth has been incredible. I billed £32,000 within nine weeks of the course. Which is more than I had billed in the previous nine months combined. My husband has been able to leave the job he loathed, and I am responsible for our future. It feels amazing!


Leadership & Coaching
Join one of our signature programmes.


Lead the Change
Leadership Training and Coaching Programme

Our Premier 12-month Leadership Training and Coaching Program


One of many
Women's Coaching

Training and certification for those interested in becoming a One of many Certified Women’s Coach.

Not only have I increased my business profits by 25% (by doing less), and transformed my relationship with my husband; I am most proud of the work I have done with vulnerable families. Using my network of landlords and investors we have created 15 safe houses for vulnerable families: women and men leaving abusive relationships. I know the world is a better place because I stepped up to Lead the Change.

Melanie Street Bailey

Step out of overwhelm and into leadership

Together we will change the world.