Discover how to reset your motivation, restore your vitality, and replenish your energy.

Replenish: Vitality Reset

to restore your health and vitality,
and experience a deep sense of wellbeing.

Friday the 10th to Saturday the 11th of July, 2020

As a global community, 2020 has been one of the most stressful years we’ve ever experienced.

Facing massive uncertainty and sudden change. Worrying about our loved ones. Staying inside and staring at screens for hours on end. They all take their toll on our mental and physical health.

Be honest: How long has it been since you felt a true sense of vitality and wellness?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with caring for your kids, your family, your vulnerable parents. You can barely remember the last time you had half an hour to reconnect to yourself. And you’ve been squashing down your own emotions for so long you’re scared to find out what will happen if you let yourself feel them.

Or you’ve been isolated and alone, and the lack of human contact is starting to take its toll. You’ve been through the cycle of coping and not-coping so many times you’re losing track of where you are. But taking care of yourself is starting to feel like just another thing on your to-do list – and you’re running out of ways to escape from your own mind.

We can’t change the complexity and challenge of the world around us.

But we can ensure we’re recharged and ready for everything we’re doing. In fact, we need to make that our number one priority.

After all, your contribution is needed more than ever.

And you can’t give from an empty cup.

As we begin to navigate new phases of this pandemic, one thing is clear: The stress, change and uncertainty isn’t going away anytime soon.

Nor are the other big global challenges we face: social justice, poverty, inequality, climate change.

(Not to mention that we have businesses to run, teams to manage, and an economic recovery to think about. )

It’s paramount that we’re well-rested, motivated, energised and thinking clearly.

Let’s be honest: even before this global pandemic, many of us had been putting off thinking about the changes we know we needed to make.

Our health is often the last thing we give attention to.

Until it’s too late.

Some of us have already had the wake-up call. Some of us have not. Regardless, it’s time to develop healthy, nourishing habits that fuel you.

Join Dr Joanna Martin and the One of manyTM training team
for this once in a lifetime, online opportunity.

What is Replenish?

Ordinarily at this time of year, we would be hosting our live, in-person retreat called “BeVital: Energy for life”. Sadly, with the COVID-19 situation we have had to postpone the live event.

But tending to our wellbeing feels more important than ever. So, in this unique online weekend retreat we will be taking the lessons of health and vitality and applying them to the IMMEDIATE challenges many are facing in their lifestyle after the recent restrictions.



So, we’re taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw the doors open and invite you to join us too.

What will you learn?

We’ll be tailoring the content of this event to the unique challenges YOU are facing at this point in time. As soon as you register, you’ll be sent a survey to ask what the most pressing issues you have in the context of your health and vitality right now in these challenging times.

But to give you a flavour of the transformation you can count on, here’s what we’ve already got lined up”

  • Discover the path from feeling constantly on edge and exhausted, to a deep experience of daily energy and vitality.
  • Identify the top three changes you can make that will have the most profound impact on your own wellbeing.
  • Release or heal past issues, such as depression or anxiety and understand how they might be showing up for you right now.
  • Access true motivation for exercise and eating well without feeling guilty.
  • Understand and implement the 8Rs of physical vitality and personalise a sustainable health plan grounded in common sense.
  • Embrace the Women’s PowerType™ of the Mother as you understand how your hormonal cycles and menopause can give you the keys to your mental and physical health.
  • Experience pure vitality, irrespective of your current “health” status.

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Replenish: Vitality Reset

Enjoy the health, energy and vitality you deserve

Bonus Program: Vitality in action

Replenish: Vitality Reset will be a powerfully transformational 2 days. We’re becoming masters of hosting online events that are interactive, engaging and rich with connecting and learning. And we know that it takes time to implement everything you will learn – so when you join us for the retreat you’ll also receive the Vitality in Action program.

This valuable bonus training includes:

  • 3 x weekly, live Q&A Calls, hosted by one of our specialised in-house trainers to ensure you implement everything you learn.

When and Where?

Workshop dates

The Replenish online workshop runs Friday the 10th to Saturday the 11th of July, 2020

Workshop Times

All times are in London time (British Summer time)

Friday 10th July, 2020
9:30am - 5:30pm

Evening Class (optional but highly recommended)
8pm - 9:30pm

Saturday 11th July, 2020
9:30am - 5:30pm


Online using the Zoom platform. When you enrol you will be sent the details to join.

Through the wonders of technology you will be able to ask loads of questions, meet your fellow participants in small breakout rooms, and generally enjoy a completely transformational experience.

While the best case scenario is that you can dive in and give all your attention to your own personal growth and professional development for the full two days, we fully understand you may be juggling the needs of children or elderly family or neighbours at the same time. So the sessions will all be recorded and made available for 6 months after the live event for you to catch up any pieces you miss.

How to enrol

This truly is a unique opportunity. Once we are able to return to events, we are very unlikely to be hosting complete transformational online events like this in future.  But we want to support as many people as we can whilst we find ourselves in these strange times!

So your tuition fee to Replenish is just £495 (that’s a saving of almost 60% on the live, in-person retreat).  You can also choose to split it into 3 monthly payments of £165 if that is easier on your budget right now. Please note if you choose to pay in full you will receive a special bonus of “BeFruitful: Time and Energy Management for Busy Women" valued at £247.

Places are limited as our software can only accept a limited number of people, so reserve your spot now.

Got questions? Want to feel certain you’re definitely going to get the value you need from this experience? Click here to book in a chat with the team to answer any queries you may have about joining. We know that investing in YOU is something many of us struggle with. But we believe that, when you’re operating at true vitality, every other area of your life will be transformed. Give yourself the boost you need to get back on track, and your impact increases exponentially.

100% happy guarantee

I know that this workshop will help you gain more energy, health and vitality in your life. Which is why I am confident to offer you what could seem like a crazy guarantee!

Join me for the online workshop, and stay up until lunch time on the second day, and if you are still not convinced that what you have learnt will make a difference in your life, just contact us and you will receive a 100% refund.

What previous participants say about the related, in-person retreat (BeVital)

Emily Jacobs
“Before BeVital I had no energy. It was stopping me from doing anything I needed to do, let alone everything I needed to do. I couldn’t focus and was sleeping in the day. At BeVital I was able to identify the specific contributors to my personal situation and take steps towards the solution. The Round Table Mentoring was so tailored for me, helpful and specific. Now, I’m feeling more energised than I ever have in my adult life.”
Emily Jacob
“I love these women, I love this community. The connections are so strong. The safety of the place we are in is the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s a place where anything can be discussed and that is so freeing, especially where our health is concerned.”
Heather Waring
“Thank you to you all, and Greg, for an amazing weekend of learning, growth and sharing. I wish my elders and teachers had shared this knowledge about our cycles/energy with me 30 years ago! Better late than never!”
Sophie B

Meet your trainers


Dr Joanna Martin

One of Many™
Visionary. Coach.
Catalyst. Entrepreneur.
Activist. Protective Sister.
Toddler Wrangler. Seeker.

Annie Stoker

Master Trainer and Head of Coaching One of Many™
Psychotherapist. Author.
Property Investor.
Chilled-Out Friend.

Susie Heath

Master Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Fashion Designer.
Horticulturist. Author.
Grandmother. Dancer.
Lover of Men.

Stephanie Aitken

In-house Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Lawyer. Trainer. Coach.
Yogi. Globe-trotter.
Celebrator of life

Nathalie Baron

In-house Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Career architect. Personal branding strategist.
Certified coach. Citizen of the world.
Passionate mum. Life lover.

Sara Price

In-house Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Entrepreneur. Trainer.
PR maven. Dancer. Dreamer.
Doting Aunty.

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Replenish: Vitality Reset

Enjoy the health, energy and vitality you deserve

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