Stephanie Aitken


In-house trainer and coach


One of manyTM

Lawyer. Trainer. Coach.
Yogi. Globe-trotter. Celebrator of life

Stephanie has an unwavering passion for transforming women into the business leaders our world desperately needs.

After graduating from one of the top three UK law schools, she spent more than 10 years as an in-house lawyer at MTV and Channel 4, leading contract negotiations for major projects including MTV Music Awards, Apple iTunes and Stand Up to Cancer.

It was in this corporate setting that she became aware of a profound problem: women weren't soaring to the top in significant enough numbers, despite organisational attempts to redress the balance. And when a woman did earn her place in the boardroom, it was often achieved by leaping through an elaborate obstacle course and assuming the "alpha boss" persona. Not only did this leave her feeling depleted and disconnected from her colleagues, but it made her team feel the same way.

Stephanie wanted to transform this landscape.
She knew that female leaders were good for business,
good for communities and ultimately good for the world

So with unshakable conviction she left a successful law career to pursue her passion for elevating women in the workplace.

After training in modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transformational Facilitation and Certified Coaching, Stephanie has spent six years teaching communication, relationship and leadership skills for some of the biggest law firms and organisations in the world.

Stephanie is now committed to helping to usher in a new paradigm of female leadership. One that shifts us away from valuing the loudest and hardest workers to harnessing the conditions that make women do their best work: compassionate, collaborative leadership and an integrated relationship between personal and professional worlds.

After a rigorous audition process in 2018, Stephanie was hand-selected by visionary entrepreneur Dr Joanna Martin as an in-house trainer and coach.

Stephanie is a true woman of the world.

She is proud of her Venezuelan, American, Scottish and Irish heritage and has been lucky to live in Brazil, Geneva and her current home, London. She finds balance through travel, dynamic yoga and 5Rhythms dance.