BeFulfilled Virtual: Your Life’s Work


Friday 18th to Saturday 19th March, 2022

Discover your meaningful path to success.

BeFulfilled Virtual is a two-day, retreat style workshop designed to help you discover and define your inherent value, express it, and be richly rewarded for it.

Disconnect from the demands of daily life. Tune in deeply to your heart’s longings. Align them with your unique strengths and experience. You’ll leave ready to step onto a far greater platform in your career.

It’s our belief that when your life’s work is a true expression of your authentic self, work is a true joy.

Yet too many women pour their life’s energy into meaningless or mediocre work that drains them. In the face of our global challenges, we can’t afford to waste our talents where they’re not needed. In our new paradigm world, never has there been a greater time for crafting a truly unique career path that harnesses your greatest gifts.

What is BeFulfilled Virtual?

This is your unique opportunity to discover these powerful lessons of career and business design at our most budget-friendly price - and apply them to your own career, to build your resilience and shape your impact on the world.

“BeFulfilled Virtual”

What will you learn?

  • Deeply understand your talents, skills and abilities. Discover what makes you unique so that you can own your value and get paid what you’re worth. (Note: your true talents in crisis times might be very different to what you’re currently being paid for. Being able to distinguish this right now is critical).
  • Discover how to stop “raising your voice” on social media, joining in the melee of people stressed and shouting for attention; and instead “raise your mission” so that your prospective clients or employers notice you. Make no mistake, how we lead during this time will dictate who will work with us and why in the future.
  • Benefit from the business advice of successful entrepreneurs who have grown million pound plus businesses from the ashes of the last major economic downturn.
  • Determine whether you’re authentically happier as an entrepreneur, employee, freelancer or non-profit founder. And be aware that in times of instability, being flexible in this may need to be required.
  • Distinguish your ideal lifestyle from your necessities and make concrete plans for earning enough to survive an economic downturn if required.
  • Appreciate the right time horizon to be working with right now. We often plan to a 3-year horizon, but in times of great flux we need to feel into what is the correct time horizon to be working with. Create solid plans from this place.
  • Identify the one obstacle holding you most stuck in your earning potential right now, release it and plot a course forward.
  • Appreciate true collaboration and how to overcome barriers to getting the support you need.
  • Discover the key to staying grounded and fulfilled in every moment, regardless of results.
  • Deeply explore the wisdom of the Women’s PowerTypes in the context of your career and leadership.
  • Enjoy a profound evening class of embodiment of the wisdom you are learning- helping you back to power, peace and calm.
  • Discover communication strategies for leading in times of crisis.
  • Tune into your body’s different energetic needs right now, and how to access radical compassion for maximum fruitfulness.
  • Discover where to find certainty in times of uncertainty.
  • Learn tips for managing the heightened juggle we all find ourselves in.

"Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart"


BeFulfilled Virtual: Your Life’s Work

Discover your meaningful path to success.

Bonus Program: Fulfillment in action

BeFulfilled Virtual will be a powerfully transformational 2 days. It takes time to implement everything you’ve learned about your values, purpose and vision, so we will follow it up with the 6-week Fulfillment in Action program.

In the first 4 weeks after the event you’ll review everything step-by-step – and put it into practice. And in the final 2 weeks of the program, you’ll discover exactly how to position and market yourself to grow your business, or advance your career.

This valuable bonus training includes:

  • 6 x 30 minute training videos to help you review, integrate and implement the key lessons from the retreat, and introduce you to the new content.
  • 3 x live Q&A Calls, hosted by one of our specialised in-house trainers.

By the end of Fulfillment in Action, you will:

  • Craft your professional positioning so that you can attract opportunity like a magnet.
  • Have rewritten your professional biography so that all your social media platforms fully represent your true brilliance.
  • Overcome Imposter syndrome, and learn how to present yourself in both the written word and other forms so that people sit up and take notice.

When and Where?

Next retreat dates

The BeFulfilled Virtual Retreat runs Friday the 18th to Saturday the 19th March, 2022

Workshop Times

All times are in London time (British Summer time)

Friday 18th March, 2022
9:30am - 6:00pm

Evening Class (optional but highly recommended)
7:30pm - 9:00pm

Saturday 19th March, 2022
9:30am - 6:00pm


Online using the Zoom platform. When you enrol you will be sent the details to join.

Through the wonders of technology you will be able to ask loads of questions, meet your fellow participants in small breakout rooms, and generally enjoy a completely transformational experience.

While the best case scenario is that you can dive in and give all your attention to your own personal growth and professional development for the full two days, we fully understand you may be juggling the needs of children or elderly family or neighbours at the same time. So the sessions will all be recorded and made available for 6 months after the live event for you to catch up any pieces you miss.

How to enrol

This truly is a unique opportunity. Once we are able to return to in-person events, we are very unlikely to be hosting complete transformational online events like this in future. But we want to support as many people as we can whilst we find ourselves in these strange times!

So your tuition fee to BeFulfilled Virtual is just £495 (that’s a saving of almost 60% on the live, in-person retreat). You can also choose to split it into 3 monthly payments of £165 if that is easier on your budget right now. Please note if you choose to pay in full you will receive a special bonus of “BeFruitful: Time and Energy Management for Busy Women" valued at £247.

Places are limited as our software can only accept a limited number of people, so reserve your spot now.


100% happy guarantee

I know that this workshop will help you uncover your greatest contribution, and find clarity in your career and fulfilment. Which is why I am confident to offer you what could seem like a crazy guarantee!

Join me for the online workshop, and stay up until lunch time on the second day, and if you are still not convinced that what you have learnt will make a difference in your career and life, just contact us and you will receive a 100% refund.

What previous participants say about the related, in-person retreat (BeFulfilled)

"As a result of attending BeFulfilled, I was inspired to change my business to help my community. I can honestly say, I've never felt so good about myself and how I show up in the world."
Heidi Strickland-Clark
Founder, FastTrack Fit Camp
"At BeFulfilled I found my mission in life and learnt to listen to my inner voice. As a result, I am now in my dream job."
Kathryn Culley
HR Professional
"I had become disconnected from my career choice and suffered burnout. At BeFulfilled I found the clarity I needed that I was in the right career. I also found my purpose and I was able to increase the fufillment element in my life with a side project to connect people to nature."
Sarah Simons
"I have been going crazy for a long time trying to work this stuff out for myself. Thank you so much for sharing and showing me the way. I feel clear now, and know the perfect vocational path for me.”
Kay Daze
Founder Young Downs Group.
"As a marketing consultant I have always made others visible and hidden behind the brand. I knew that I needed to be visible with my new business as a marketing trainer and mentor. As a result of BeFulfilled I now have clarity and the confidence to step into my light.”
Shari Thompson
Marketing educator

Meet your trainers


Dr Joanna Martin

One of Many™
Visionary. Coach.
Catalyst. Entrepreneur.
Activist. Protective Sister.
Toddler Wrangler. Seeker.

Annie Stoker

Master Trainer and Head of Coaching One of Many™
Psychotherapist. Author.
Property Investor.
Chilled-Out Friend.

Susie Heath

Master Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Fashion Designer.
Horticulturist. Author.
Grandmother. Dancer.
Lover of Men.

Stephanie Aitken

In-house Trainer and Coach
One of Many™
Lawyer. Trainer.
Coach. Yogi.
Celebrator of life

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BeFulfilled Virtual: Your Life’s Work

Discover your destiny: Your meaningful path to success.

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