The Soft Power Summit

A fortnight of virtual lunch dates with the UKs most inspiring women leaders.

We invite you to login, listen & contribute as we discuss Equality, Effectiveness & Real World Women’s Issues.

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Gender equality is in overdrive in the media…

But what does it really mean for you?

An intelligent, capable professional woman juggling work, love, family and calling to make a bigger difference for others. Does equality matter, and how is it impacting your daily life? How does it impact the lives of women just like you, who happen to be born without the resources we take for granted?

In the west, gender inequality is less and less acceptable, and women are (deservedly) experiencing more opportunity to impact our world. But what has really changed?

Six different studies in recent times have shown that women’s happiness has declined in the last 40 years. This is irrespective of race, age, marital status, parental status…anything!

So does “equality” equal unhappiness for women?

Does it need to?

On the Soft Power Summit we challenge the idea: that while we undoubtedly deserve equal opportunity, men and women are not inherently the same.

So rather than conforming to our Western cultural norms in our bid for equality…

Instead, can we harness our Soft Power?

Competition and achievement, win at all costs; these are not our inherent strengths. Women don’t naturally fight fire with fire.

There is another way. A way that we believe can open up even more “equal opportunity” without compromising our happiness.

The Soft Power Summit is a coming together of inspiring female leaders (including you) to discuss this crucial topic, share immediately applicable tips and inspire you to make your difference more powerfully.

Through a series of interviews over 2 weeks we explore if they are experiencing “equality” on a daily basis; how it effects them; and how they exercise their #softpower. We find out what happens when they do.

  • This is not just an academic foray into feminism and what it really means… although the conversation will be challenging and thought provoking.
  • This is not just another group of successful women sharing their strategies for a better professional and personal life… although you will leave with gems that will make a massive difference to your results.
  • This is not just an opportunity to meet more powerful and generally incredible women, just like you… although you will form challenging and supportive relationships through your participation in the Forum.
  • This is not just another opportunity to see “what can I get?”… but also to open your eyes to more “what can I give?”

One of Many ™ believe collaboration is an inherent feminine strength. When we come together for a common purpose we make changes around us...for our selves, our families, our communities, and maybe even the world.

Join this powerful collaboration of women and participate in a crucial conversation. Leave with powerful tools for enjoying more “soft power” and strategies for making the difference you feel called to make.

What it’s all about?

For two weeks in April (13-23) participate in a series of virtual lunches with some of the UK’s most inspiring Soft Power Leaders.

Join us online at noon each day, as founder of One of many™ Dr Joanna Martin asks these powerful and effective women about their daily experience of “equality” and what it means to them.

Joanna will delve deeply into how our leaders experience “being a woman”, with all its inherent demands… and how they handle the juggle. You will learn what calls them to make the impact they make in the world.

Each interview will be focused around a key Soft Power Strength that our leader demonstrates, and will be peppered with sound business and personal advice.

You will have the opportunity to pose your personal questions live. Make your contribution to the discussion and receive coaching from women who, just like you, want to be taken seriously, make an impact and still enjoy life!





This event is completed. Click through to buy the recordings.


Frequently Asked Questions

[accordian class="" id=""][toggle title="What exactly is the Soft Power Summit and how do I “attend’?" open="no"]It is a series of interviews with some of the UKs most inspiring women leaders. They are held LIVE for you to attend at noon, most days from the 13th-23rd of April.

They are held online using a piece of software called “gotowebinar”. It’s very simple really. Once you register for the summit we will send you a link to each of the webinars. You can join us for those you’re interested in, and skip those you’re not.

If you’ve never attended a webinar before, it’s pretty simple. Basically, you put your name and email in and by magic you arrive in a “virtual classroom” on your computer! You’ll be able to hear Joanna and the guest speaking, you can type in questions, and make contributions to the discussion.

If you have a mic on your computer we can even open up the line to you so you can pose your questions or comments in person… a bit like talk back radio!!

You can even download an app for “gotowebinar” on your phone or tablet and participate while you’re on the move. Ah- modern technology! [/toggle][toggle title="What time will the live webinars be? " open="no"]The live webinars will be at 12 noon London time each day during the fortnight of the Summit. The exact schedule of who is when will be emailed to you once you register. [/toggle][toggle title="Who's being interviewed on which day?" open="no"]We will be announcing who is speaking on which day a little closer to the summit, we are just finalising times with all of our key speakers. So get yourself registered, and we'll let you who is on when, as soon as we can.[/toggle][toggle title="What if I can’t make one of the live interviews I want to hear?" open="no"]If for some reason you can’t attend a particular call you’re interested in, we give you the opportunity to purchase the recordings at a very minimal price. You will then get lifetime access to all the interviews, plus some other goodies. We’ll tell you all about that option once you register for the live summit here[/toggle][toggle title="Can I ask my own questions of each guest?" open="no"]Yes. When you join us for each live webinar you will get the opportunity to type in any specific questions you have for that guest.[/toggle][toggle title="Can I share about the Summit with my friends?" open="no"]Yes please! Share the word far and wide. If you are in any Facebook groups, or Linkedin groups who might be interested, we invite you to let them know. Also send a link to this page to your mother, sister, aunts, girlfriends, boss! Anyone you know who’s up for more effectiveness and soft power.[/toggle][/accordian]

What do you REALLY want to know about how these women do it?