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I just sent you a message! Be sure to check your inbox (including those pesky spam and promotions folders) for this very important email.

Step #1: Put the workshop in your diary now.

05:00 - 07:00 America/New_York


Step #2: Check your email and add us to your contacts

We’ve just sent you an email to confirm your registration for the challenge. If you’re brand new to our community (yay!)  you may need to confirm your details to ensure you get the info you need.

So...the first step right now is to check your inbox, make sure you’ve got an email from me, and please follow the instructions in that email. 

Please also add us to your safe senders list if you haven't done that. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go into your online email manager (gmail, hotmail, microsoft, yahoo etc). The trick here is you can’t do it in "Mail" or "Outlook" etc, it has to be directly with the provider of email that you use.
  2. Add our email to your contacts there. This tells your provider that you’re happy to hear from us.
  3. If you need more help with any of these steps in your specific email provider, click here.

Step #3: Come and say hello

Can’t wait to connect? We’d love to say hi ahead of Saturday’s workshop! All week a community of women from around the globe have been connecting for Renew, an online journey to help release our exhaustion and rediscover our motivation. There are live videos, downloadable worksheets, and a buzzing community all happening in our special pop-up Facebook group. 

Whether or not you’ve been part of the journey so far, you’re so welcome to come in and say hi – and check out the resources there if you’d like.

Step #4: Share the good stuff

We believe in the power of connection, collaboration and community. Great experiences are best shared.

We’re willing to bet there’s at least ONE woman in your life who would be grateful if you let them know about this workshop. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past week, it’s how much we need a place to rest and replenish ourselves right now. So who can you give the gift of this opportunity to?

Your sister, your best mate, your colleague, your neighbour?

Be generous and take 2 minutes to let someone else know about Saturday’s workshop.

Here are some tools to help…

Copy and paste these into Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook or email to make it really easy to invite contacts to join you for the challenge.

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I’m going to Momentum and Motivation this Saturday - a free live, virtual workshop designed for women holding everything together! Practical, powerful, tools to help us rediscover our energy and shake off the stress that’s built up over the past 18 months. Want to join me?

Get your spot here


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Want to renew your energy and rediscover your motivation? 

Join me for Momentum and Motivation on Saturday: the free live, virtual workshop designed for women who are holding everything together. We’re going to release our exhaustion, rediscover our motivation, and connect to unstoppable energy (the world better watch out!). Get your free place here:

#oneofmanywomen #renew21

emailAn email/Whatsapp message to copy and send:

Subject: How to find your motivation and momentum


This Saturday 25th September I’m going to a live virtual workshop called Momentum and Motivation - want to join me?

It’s being held by One of many, the women’s coaching organization, and it’s specifically designed for women who are holding everything together to help us beat exhaustion and rediscover our optimism and motivation. 

With practical tools and powerful activities, it’s going to be a much needed boost of community and connection in a global community of women who really get it - and it’s going to be fun!

Click this link to read more and register for your free place on the workshop:

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