We’re turning 5!
That’s One of manyTM reasons to celebrate you.

Share your story of how you’re harnessing the Magic of 5 for a chance to win 5 hours with our founder Dr Joanna Martin to transform your impact.

Our purpose here at One of many is to change the world.  And we believe that each one of us can make a huge impact in our corner of the world with just 5 hours a week.

We’ve put together two special gifts to celebrate this month and help you to harness the #magicof5

Gift #1: Discover how to BeFruitful and get back 5 hours a week: 50% off

One of many is committed to supporting grassroots women leaders to make a difference in the world. But you can’t do that when you’re frazzled, overwhelmed, and at the mercy of a schedule that would make the strongest woman weep.

BeFruitful is our widely accoladed time and energy management programme created by women, for women.  Guaranteed to find you 5 hours a week – you can rest, and start putting your time where you really want to.  Change your corner of the world and to do it without burning out!

Simply click here to register and use the code MAGICOF5 to get 50% off (thats 10% for every year we’ve been helping women!) All yours, until 27th September.

And if you already have BeFruitful- dust it off, and make a commitment this month to re-invigorating your schedule with time for you and the causes you care about.  Listen again on the train or in the car this month- what new habits can you implement?

Gift #2: Win 5 hours with Dr Joanna Martin

5 hours a week can have a huge impact. We’ve seen it with so many women in our community who have launched extraordinary initiatives to change their corner of the world. So whether you’ve already started your impact journey, or you’re still envisioning - let’s help you to take it to the next level.

Win a 5 hour Make a Difference session with founder, Dr Joanna Martin
VALUE: £6,250

This focused session is your chance to get Jo’s input on the project that’s calling YOU to make a difference in the world.

Your mission might be to…

  • Figure out what YOU can do to have an impact on a challenge you’re deeply passionate about… but don’t know where to begin.
  • Rally others to come together for change in your local community.
  • Take your existing project, social enterprise, business for good or charity to a new level.

The difference you want to make could be around any topic. Maybe you’re passionate about taking a stand when it comes to women’s rights, restoring the earth, reconnecting to our bodies, or healing hurt and injustice in any other form.

Imagine getting Jo’s input on your vision – from spreading the word to inviting collaborators; tending your energy to nailing down the details of the concrete difference you can achieve.

In 5 hours, you’ll get:

  • Clarity on your mission
  • A deep understanding of the part you’re here to play and how to work with and through others
  • The resources you can draw on to overcome hurdles and challenges
  • A map for what’s next
  • Your questions answered on ANY aspect of your mission, business, career or life

All we ask is that you tell us about how you would change (or are changing) your corner of the world, with the #magicof5. You may be a Lead the Change Graduate. You may have only met us last week- runs on the board don’t count… it’s passion, drive and possibility we’re looking for. Inspire us!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Record a 3 minute video briefly describing how you would change (or are changing) your corner of the world in your magic 5 hours.  And yes its ok if its a full time thing, or only one hour a week… we’re really just interested in what you’re up for!
  2. Start your video by saying “I’m (Your NAME) and I’m One of many women who wants to change the world. The difference I want to make is…”
  3. Share your video in the BeOne Facebook group along with the hashtag #magicof5
  4. The competition is open to any woman aged 18 or over.
  5. Videos must be posted by midnight on 27th September – but Jo and the team will be looking out for them from now  – so don’t wait until the last minute!
  6. Winner will be selected by One of many staff, and our decision is final.
  7. One entry per person.
  8. If you have any queries, please contact



  • 1 x Make a Difference session: 5 hours 1:1 with Joanna Martin
  • To be used within the next 12 months, by end of September 2020
  • Session will take place at Jo’s home in the Cotswolds, UK or virtually over Zoom
  • Prize includes session with Jo, lunch and refreshments
  • You’re responsible for travel to and from the session and any actions arising from it