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Step #1: Click the link below to join the Facebook Group

This group is where it’s all going to be happening. The connection, the transformation, the joy. No fake positivity or FOMO allowed: This is where real women get really honest about how we’re doing and what we need. Come on in, say hello, and get ready to start your journey to renewal.

Step #2: Check your email and add us to your contacts

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Step #3: Share the good stuff

We believe in the power of connection, collaboration and community. Great experiences are best shared.

We’re willing to bet there’s at least ONE woman in your life who is ready to renew her energy and find her way back to “fine”.

Maybe things look great from the outside - but she’s secretly wondering if anyone else is struggling too...

Your sister, your best mate, your colleague, your neighbour?

We’re on a mission to get really honest about how we’re doing, so that we can find real ways to renew our energy and move forward. Share this link with the women in your life, so they can tap into these resources too:

Here are some tools to help…

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You’re “fine”, I’m “fine”, we’re all doing “fine”, right? Except... we're not! Women around the world are taking part in Renew, a gentle online journey from @oneofmany for women who need a reboot.

Join us here:
#oneofmanywomen #renew2021 #beyondfine

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You’re “fine”, I’m “fine”, we’re all doing “fine”, right? Except... we're not! Women around the world are taking part in Renew, a gentle online journey from @oneofmany for women who need a reboot.

Join us here:
#oneofmanywomen #renew2021 #beyondfine

emailAn email/Whatsapp message to copy and send:

Subject: I thought it was just me?


It turns out I’m not the only one who’s been struggling with motivation, feeling totally ineffective, and wondering how everyone else seems to be sailing along like everything’s fine!

There’s an epidemic of emotional exhaustion being felt around the world. And One of many, the coaching organisation for women, are holding a free 6 day online journey to help us find out what’s beneath it and learn new tools to help us get our energy back.

I’m doing it and I would love it if you joined me too. Hundreds of women around the world will be gathering in a pop-up Facebook group to do this together - it’s going to be loads of fun, and we’ll learn practical things that will really make a difference.

We start September 20th and you can register here. It’s free. Pass it on!

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