From Frantic to Fruitful:
Time and energy secrets of really effective women

Do you wish there was a way to create more hours in the day...
Time for you to think. Time for you to breathe. And the energy to focus on what really matters?

Join Dr Joanna Martin and she’ll show you how to find an additional 5 hours a week (minimum!) so you can be extraordinarily effective - without burning out.

You will learn:

  • The one mistake that most women make in the name of “time-management” (this flies in the face of what most coaches and peak performance gurus will tell you.)
  • How to set unbreakable boundaries without feeling guilty
  • What leading research reveals about successful women leaders and how you can employ this in your daily life
  • A simple but counter-intuitive step-by-step approach to overwhelm so that you need never again freak out when “the last straw” happens…
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"Whatever you are up to in the world, if you are ready to step up to a new chapter of fruitfulness, effectiveness and unleash the leader that you know is in there calling to come out, then register your place right now."

- Dr Joanna Martin, Founder, One of many®

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