Join our team of Event Angels!

  • Do you LOVE what we do and share at One of many® ?
  • Are you someone who loves to contribute and give back?
  • Do you like to be around fun and supportive people?
  • Are you wanting to gain a rapid and excellent education?
  • Do you want to see behind the scenes of our very successful events?

When you choose to be part of our event support crew (Event Angels) you will benefit immensely in your own personal and coaching life.

You will:

  • Have the opportunity to provide deep holding and support for women as they blossom and grow into the fullest version of themselves
  • Discover the behind the scenes of the delivery of a powerful online event
  • Have the opportunity to learn from our Trainers and the event team on key distinctions
  • Review the event content and deepen your confidence in all the One of many tools and skills
  • Enhance your own leadership and confidence by stepping up to be there for others
  • Contribute meaningfully to the lives of women
  • Develop and deepen lifelong friendships
If you love to contribute and give back while having fun supporting other women to develop, then register your interest today!
Please enter your details to register your interest in joining the crew!
Please enter your details to register your interest in joining the crew!

What's expected of our Event Angels?

Crewing is about giving back to the participants and supporting the trainer to run a smooth, glitch-free and powerful event.

You might be asked to perform a variety of different roles – some of which might not even make sense to you at the time!

The work is tough but also intensely rewarding and we have loads of fun. You get to see behind the scenes of our events and you get the joy of helping the participants create something special in their own lives.

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