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WHEN: Tuesday 28th November

TIME: 05:00 - 08:00 America/New_York

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Who do you know who’d love to support the women around them even more effectively? A corporate leader managing teams of women? A coach helping women change their lives? Activists, community leaders or social justice advocates who want to find out how to create massive change in a way that’s sustainable?  A female consultant or trainer?

Who of your female friends and acquaintances is passionate about women’s empowerment and helping those around her create extraordinary results, without burning out?

It’s together that we will make the changes we wish to see in the world, so do invite the other amazing women you know who feel this calling as we do.

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I just registered for this free online workshop “Essential Skills for Coaching Women: Transform the Results you get with your Team, your Clients and Yourself.” Who else feels how important it is that women are empowered with the tools to create lasting change right now? Come and join me.

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I’m super excited about this upcoming free workshop with Dr. Joanna Martin about the empowerment of women. She’s sharing the 5 Women’s PowerTypes™ and how they can be used in your coaching, consulting and management to bring the best out in the women you work with (and yourself). Listen in if you, like me, feel the importance of women stepping up and being a force for change.

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I just saw this today and thought of you:

It’s a free 3-hour online workshop with Dr. Joanna Martin, founder of One of Many (a women’s empowerment community), called “Essential Skills for Coaching Women: Transform the Results you get with your Team, your Clients and Yourself.”

Jo is an incredible educator and successful business woman in her own right (you can see all details about her on the page). She’s on a mission to empower a million women to step into their leadership so we can make this world a sustainable and loving place.

I’m sure you know why I’m going! Do you want to join me?

She’s going to share:

  • A technique to help you ask powerful questions that help people change their perspective on problems in a flash
  • The #1 missing link in most personal development methodologies that often leads to change not “sticking” for women
  • The tool of devoted listening and how you can apply it in every coaching or management interaction
  • The Superwoman myth and how bigger, better, faster, more is causing an epidemic of dissatisfaction from women globally
  • The 3 common disempowering archetypes that prevent women from being effective, and how to avoid them
  • The 5 Women’s PowerTypes and how they can be used in your coaching, consulting or management to bring out the best in the women you work with (and yourself!)
  • How you can become a One of many Certified Women’s Coach and use our tools, techniques, templates and profiling tools to help women more effectively and joyfully than ever before

It's on Tuesday 28th November, 10:00am – 13:00pm Europe/London. It’s online, so you can attend from wherever you are, and if you can’t make it live you will get sent the replay so you can do the training in your own time.

I’ll be there - so check it out and come join me.


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