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Step #3: Come and say hello

Can’t wait to connect? We’d love to say hi ahead of Saturday’s workshop! All week a community of women from around the globe have been connecting to complete the Activate Challenge, in a special pop-up Facebook group. They’re thrilled about the workshop on Saturday and would love to get to know you before it begins.

Even if you haven’t taken part in the previous days’ activities, you’re so welcome to come in and say hi – and check out the resources there if you’d like.

Step #4: Share the good stuff

We believe in the power of connection, collaboration and community. Great experiences are best shared.

We’re willing to bet there’s at least ONE woman in your life who would be grateful if you let them know about this workshop. Planning, building resilience and finding ways to connect to hope and optimism are skills all of us need right now. So who can you give the gift of this opportunity to?

Your sister, your best mate, your colleague, your neighbour?

Be generous and take 2 minutes to let someone else know about Saturday’s workshop.

Here are some tools to help…

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Want to know how to plan when times are changing so fast – and how you can reconnect to hope and optimism for the year ahead?

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