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Watch out for a helpful 3-part video profile
debrief in your inbox too

In order for you to understand your Women’s PowerType™ Profile in more detail, I have filmed a unique debrief and training series for you, based on your exact Profile results.


Video 1: The first training covers the amazing strengths of your Primary PowerType™:

  • What exactly we mean by the Women’s PowerTypes™.
  • Which characteristics best describe you and your behaviours.
  • The strengths you possess with this powerful Primary PowerType™
  • How and why people are attracted to you.
  • Your unique style of leadership skills.

Video 2 explains the downsides of your Primary PowerType™ (each of them has an underbelly)!


Video 3 explains your Least Expressed PowerType™ and the impact this will be having on your life currently, and some ideas to mitigate that.

Links to your unique training videos will be sent to your email inbox, so remember to make sure talk@oneofmany.co.uk is in your contacts!

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