for change.

Overcome. Adapt. Reconnect.

A live virtual interactive experience.

September 19-20

TIME: 9AM - 5PM London Time

Inspiring Dreams, and Action

"I am grateful again to the OOM team for the incredible, life-changing content, the examples you lead by, the love and integrity you live by, and for demonstrating what is possible when intentions, relationships and connection to Source align."

- Sara Kindon

Beautiful Livestream Experience

"I am so proud to have been a part of this unique livestream experience. The strength, power and solidarity not to mention the safety of the space you all created during this challenging time was unrivalled. The magic of connection created was just fantastic, so much Sorceress across the airwaves."

- Saira Siddiqui

A brilliant way of delivering the conference in such compromising times.

"Jo and her team are always first class in their delivery of the content and do it with passion and laughter. True professionals. There was so much, i think even more than at the real life event!"

- Cheryl Edwards

Amazing, practical, real, emotional, insightful, uplifting and transformative!

"Amazing!! Such global connection, such powerful insights and transformation, such loving warmth and sharing these past two days, and all of that virtually! Ladies you are truly Awesome!! Congratulations to an amazing team and amazing conference."

- Nora Cantini


" Amazing effort to create such a wonderful virtual conference at the last moment! Really useful content on dealing with current global issues. Useful tools to take away and thank you for running the evening class with Susie, a new experience for me!"

- Becki

What an incredible virtual experience!

"The depth and width of participation and sharing was incredible. The OOM vibe creates a safe space in which participants feel seen, appreciated, and loved – whether in-person or virtually. The wealth of information, content, and wisdom offered has REAL impact."

- Maria Baeck

Your journey to renewal, courage and momentum starts in

Together we are facing what many countries have declared to be modern history’s gravest health emergency.

But it has had implications far beyond health. It is impacting our climate, our
economic systems, our political systems. It is showing up inequality of race,
gender, ability, wealth…. We see this not only at the macro level, but also right
down to the partnership we experience in our very own homes.

Yet, it has also presented the world with an unprecedented opportunity for change.  Change which needs to be driven by all of us.

But things are really tough right now.

We’ve never navigated these waters in this weather before…


Together we must decide.

Will we let these difficult times define us? Exhaust us? Divide us?

Or are we going to stop beating ourselves up, and reach out for the support we need to reset, regenerate and reconnect?

This brand new live virtual event hosted by Dr Joanna Martin is that opportunity to replenish & restore… and to create the life you want even when outside circumstances feel like they’re stacked against you.

Get ready to welcome the power of an in person One of many transformational event into your own home.

Develop the deeper skills and courage to match the unique challenges of this historical moment.

The media are showing us that women are excelling in leadership in these uncertain times. And women around the world are feeling the call to be a part of that change.

But how do we balance the call to lead and to change when so many of us are also facing the very real and very personal impact of the last six months?


We’re hopeful, but heartbroken.
We’re excited, but exhausted.
We’re optimistic, but overwhelmed.

How can we let go of the creeping numbness that threatens to set in (or even has), and find the momentum we need to keep showing up...

In Our Work?


in our activism?


in our parenting?


Feedback from our previous virtual event

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It was just so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The atmosphere was amazing and the chat was so full of love and support. The conference Panel had three extraordinary panelists who really helped to clarify my and my friend’s mind about what’s going on in the world. The tools shared were powerful. Susie’s dance class was incredible. I feel I learnt tools to help me get through the current crisis, I feel transformed in myself, I have a strong pull to complete the steps I chose at the end of the conference. It was just incredible. I absolutely want to do this again. I would recommend it to everyone I know."

- Anna Lorencova

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Outstanding virtual training

"Delivered professionally, with ease and with so much love; the sense of community was palpable even though all participants were geographically so far away from each other. A real highlight was Susie’s bodywork class which was just as awesome in a virtual mode. One of Many, you rock! Well done!"

- Alexandra Slack

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fantastic online event

"When the conference was switched to an online event, I was sceptical about the amount of value I could get from it, but resolved to honour the time commitment I had made to my personal development and give it a go. The information provided was inspirational and presented in a very personal way, despite being online. Well done to all the trainers for being natural and vulnerable to camera and reaching out so effectively to all of us around the world. Hopefully you have now realised the potential of reaching a much wider audience than you thought possible at this present time. I felt safe enough to participate and open up and be my true self, which says a lot, as that is not something I expected to be able to do."

- Julia Gilbert

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Just wonderful

"I never felt so connected being alone in my room. Thanks for being there for us this weekend. I have cried a lot but felt lighter and I can start seeing a light down the tunnel for me. Thanks for helping me regroup!"

- Luisa Pedro

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazing in so many ways

"This was my first experience of the power of OOM as a community and I was blown away by the teachings, insights and love and support over this very emotional weekend. This is just the beginning of what I now will be a long term journey as One of Many. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

- Julie Fox

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ What a Transformational Virtual Experience

"I must admit I came to this thinking I’d dip in and out over the weekend, but I’ve been hooked! I now feel I’ve started a journey which will make me stronger, more effective and connected. I can’t tell you how connected I’ve felt this weekend and I’m so pleased I was able to attend. Bravo ladies! Inspirational!"

- Janet Beauchamp

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Enlightening

"An extraordinary experience – I knew that women were amazing when together and this just showed how right this assumption was. Thank goodness for a network that is supportive and grounding. A truly super conference – a lot to take away and ponder and then to action."

- Anna Winton

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Utterly fantastic

"I didn't know what to expect as I had not heard of One of Many before this! But this came just at the right moment for me. Thank you, thank you. Having been with your live-stream most of this weekend, I see what a fantastic organisation you are and the power of it all has come to me just at the right time! Am on the brink of huge change, and I need all my self-belief now to carry it through. And not just self-belief, but to call on the Universe to support me. I found real motivation this weekend."

- Virginia Mallin

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An utter triumph!

"An utter triumph! So impressed with the resilience of the team to put together something so sophisticated and of huge value given the circumstances. Having initially been disappointed with not travelling to London to be with most of my favourite women in the world, I still got to spend the weekend connected, laughing aloud, crying with joy and dancing as if I was there. A glorious example of magic happening when women (and a few good men) come together."

- Claire Whatley

Over 2 powerful days, you can join from anywhere in the world, and completely transform your experience of life

  • Transform a sense of powerlessness and into a feeling of motivation & control.
  • Navigate the unprecedented feelings of division, isolation and differences that are overwhelming so many of us.
  • Chill out your “Inner Critic” and stop beating yourself up for not performing as well as you did before quarantine.
  • Discover the truth behind procrastination, why it feels tougher to just “get on with it” … and what to do about it.
  • Understand the role your emotions are playing in your current experience, and what to do with emotional waves or numbness.
  • Stop lapsing into shouty, emotional you, and find your centre of inner calm and patience.
  • Embrace the new paradigm of leadership that will restore the faith of your team, your family, your community.
  • Connect deeply to an open and loving community of women from around the globe.
  • Harness the 5 Women’s PowerTypes to access the resources to handle most challenges and opportunities life could throw your way.
  • And much more

Who is Momentum for?

Our delegates are diverse.  We are business owners, and corporate leaders; doctors and dancers; managers and mums; activists and action takers. What brings us together? A shared sense that when women find the courage to step up to the level they feel called to, the whole world benefits.

If you know you are One of many women committed to changing the world for the better...

If you know you need to find a new way to handle the higher level juggle that we all now face....


What makes the One of many® approach so different?


Designed by women, for women.

Most personal and leadership development courses out there were born from approaches and techniques designed by men, for men, operating in a masculine work paradigm.  Frustrated with trying to apply and teach the old paradigm tools, our founder, Dr Joanna Martin has synthesised a new approach, harnessing the natural strengths of women.


Best-in-class, profound yet uncomplicated tools.

Between them, our content collaborators, Susie Heath, Annie Stoker and Jo have over 80 years experience in fields as diverse as medicine, science, mindfulness, psychology, embodiment and a deep understanding of femininity. Our guest speakers are diverse too: entrepreneurs, wellbeing specialists, mothers, millionaires , jugglers!

The result? Perhaps the most well-designed, impactful and transformational online event for women on the planet.


Step-by-step approach for all learning styles.

A useful philosophy is not enough. As committed, yet time-strapped women, we need it laid out for us in a step-by-step, easy to implement approach.  That’s why each session of this immersive live online event will build upon the last.  You’ll be guided through simple yet transformative activities that will gently, but powerfully move you toward the outcomes you want, in your career and personal life


Community of powerful women.

Our community of women is acknowledged by many members as the most supportive and authentic group to which they belong.  We maintain high standards of integrity and collaboration within the group to keep the conversation intelligent, useful, profound and meaningful.  Another way of putting it – it’s a love bath with some super-smart sisters!


Experienced, interactive online event delivery

We were scheduled to host 450 women at our annual One Woman Conference a week before UK quarantine was imposed.  We made the call to take the event virtual and delivered our first online global interactive event to over 2000 women within 36 hours.  Since then we have perfected the interactive nature, the fun, the connection and the technology.  This is as close to a live event as its possible to be! You’re in great hands.


Your world class speakers

One of many® transformational training team

Joanna Martin

Founder, One of many®
Visionary. Coach. Catalyst. Entrepreneur. Activist. Protective Sister. Toddler Wrangler. Seeker.

A renowned social entrepreneur, visionary and catalyst; Jo supports leaders stepping into the new global paradigm. Having graduated as a medical doctor with honours, she went on to train as an actor before finding her true calling as a coach, author and speaker in 2003. Since then her message and work have directly impacted over 120,000 people on 4 different continents.

In addition to leading One of many, Jo is a sought after business consultant, and the editor-in-chief of HEALM magazine, a publication for women leading the change. She’s also a committed financial investor in The Hunger Project. She has trained over 70 of their fundraisers and facilitators globally.

Annie Stoker

Master Trainer and Head of Coaching, One of many®
Psychotherapist. Author. Property Investor. Dog-Lover. Chilled-Out Friend.

Annie Stoker might be the UK's most educated coach and trainer in what it takes to be happy. Over the years she’s undertaken advanced training in modalities including NeuroLinguistic Programming, Results Coaching, Hypnosis, Neurological Repatterning, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nutritional Medicine, and Kinesiology – no wonder she’s (literally) written a book on the subject, the Personal Development Handbook.

As well as overseeing the training and assessment of hundreds of Certified Women’s Coaches with One of many, she’s a sought after trainer in Voice Dialogue and leads regular mindfulness retreats. She has explored spirituality extensively with various teachers and incorporates the tenets and practices of clear mind and open heart awareness in her work.

Susie Heath

Master Trainer and Coach, One of many®
Fashion Designer. Horticulturist. Author. Grandmother. Dancer. Lover of Men.

Susie Heath is the UK’s leading facilitator in re-connecting women to the power of their strong feminine. She is the author of two powerful books, “The essence of womanhood: Re-awakening the authentic feminine” and “Dance your way to the top: Feminine Leadership without burning out”. She has been a buyer, shoe designer, a horticulturist featured at the Chelsea Flower Show and more.

After illness forced her to re-evaluate her life, Susie realised that rather than trying to compete with men, she could embrace her uniqueness as a woman and all the gifts that brings. She’s since worked personally with hundreds of men and women, helping them reawaken their authentic selves with her profound coaching and movement workshops.

Stephanie Aitken

In-house Trainer and Coach, One of many®
Lawyer. Trainer. Coach. Yogi. Globe-trotter. Celebrator of life.

After 10 years as an in-house lawyer at MTV and Channel 4, Stephanie trained in modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transformational Facilitation and Certified Coaching, and has since spent six years teaching communication, relationship and leadership skills for some of the biggest law firms and organisations in the world.

She’s committed to helping to usher in a new paradigm of female leadership. One that shifts us away from valuing the loudest and hardest workers to harnessing the conditions that make women do their best work: compassionate, collaborative leadership and an integrated relationship between personal and professional worlds.

Featured speakers

Wendy Powell

Founder and CEO of leading global digital health tech platform MUTU® System, Wendy Powell is the woman behind the world best-selling, medically recommended online program for mothers, trusted by over 70,000 women worldwide.

Loved and recommended by Hollywood celebrity trainers and their clients, specialist women’s health experts, surgeons and even royalty, Wendy is shifting the conversation on women’s bodies towards equality and empowerment for health, confidence and power.

Wendy is on the Women’s Development Board of empowerment charity Microloan and works with medical professionals around the world to improve education, dignity and empowerment for mothers.


Danelle Delgado

Some people are lost in the fire, some people are built from it”. Danelle Delgado’s journey began as a single parent of three small children, working 80-90 hours a week to survive.

Now an award winning serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and influencer, she attributes her success to a knack for “persisting her way in” to align with some of the world’s most renowned business experts, who went on to become her personal mentors.

With her best-selling book, “I Choose Joy” and unmatched skills guiding entrepreneurs both online and off to scale their companies and their lives, Danelle’s now making a global impact. She lives with her three kids in Colorado, teaching them to live the life they are capable of as well.

Kemi Nekvapil

English born with a Nigerian heritage, Kemi Nekvapil spent her entire childhood in foster care and draws on her early experiences of disempowerment to inspire other women to create lives of worthiness and fulfillment.

Now an ICF credentialed executive and personal coach, speaker and facilitator, she works with female leaders to unlock the obstacles that prevent value-based leadership and empowers women through sharing stories of her life – assumptions cast on her about who she is, not just as a woman; but as a black woman.



Join thousands of women from all around the world at this transformational weekend event, right from your home. Or gather friends together and make a weekend of it.

Choose your ticket type.

Our mission is to equip a million grassroots women leaders like you with the tools to sustainably change their corner of the world. So every so often we host extraordinary experiences like this at low or no cost.

General Online Admission


2 days live, virtual, interactive experience
Women’s PowerType profile valued at £77
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Premium Ticket

£47 (approx. US$65)

2 days live, virtual, interactive experience
Women’s PowerType profile valued at £77
Cocktails, connection & Q&A – an intimate live group call with Jo on Saturday evening with the opportunity to ask questions, get live coaching, and connect with women around the world.
Deck of beautiful PowerTypes cards posted to you
Recordings of the event available for 6 months in case you want to catch up

No longer available

Discover your unstoppable momentum for change

Replenish and regenerate from the trials of recent months, repair for the journey ahead.

Adapt to your new circumstances, let go of the old and open to the new.

Unleash your authentic and unique soft power, increase your impact without burning out.

Navigate the opportunities and challenges of life ahead from a place of courage and confidence.

Envision the future you wish to create, and make an aligned plan for achieving it.

Connect to sisterhood, humanity and compassion.

Your attendance gifts

Start your journey of learning early by completing the One of many Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile.

We have created a powerful profiling tool to help you uncover your strongest, most natural women’s leadership style. Normally priced at £77, every ticket holder will receive a token to complete the profile free of charge before the event.

“Having completed the PowerTypes™ profile tool I was eager to see the results. The report was easy to read and follow, and it gave me great clarity for the areas I need to focus on. I highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to progress in their personal and professional development.” Debbie Buss, CEO


Who we are

One of many is the fastest growing global leadership community for women.

One of many trains, coaches and supports women around the world - empowering them to step up and lead the change they want to see without burning out.

One of many has supported more than 60,000 women across the world, and has an active community of over 10,000 members.



Here at One of many we do what we do in support of the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality.


Some of our greatest leadership role models are the unlikely women leaders Jo met in the villages of Bangladesh. They were mothers, grandmothers, farmers, yet inspired entrepreneurs and advocates of ending hunger in their community.

For that reason we are proud to be financial contributors and brand ambassadors of the extraordinary women-centred community-led development work of The Hunger Project in Africa, South Asia and Central America.


for change.

Overcome. Adapt. Reconnect.

A live virtual interactive experience.

September 19-20

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