Complimentary Love and Intimacy Workshop

A 3-hour virtual workshop into what makes amazing relationships work…

All from the comfort and safety of your own sofa!

SATURDAY 26TH October, 2019
(Time in my time zone)


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You can still register for the replay until the end of the month.

With One of manyTM Founder
Dr Joanna Martin

If you’re feeling stuck in the realm of relationship and ready to step up and enjoy more connection and passion in your life, then join Dr Joanna Martin for this free livestream event. Discover strategies and tools that will give you a brand new approach to love… indeed all relationships.

Who should attend?

  • If you’re in any relationship and experiencing conflict (partner, friends, work) and sitting with the “should I stay, or should I go?” question…
  • If you’re going through the motions of relationship but not feeling satisfied or deeply connected and want to re-ignite the spark…
  • If you are single, can’t find a partner you that you find attractive, and think perhaps you even scare men (or women) a little bit… then join us…
  • If you have ever been hurt by a partner, through abuse, infidelity or just old-fashioned neglect, and find it difficult to trust again…
  • If you desire to be seen and known by your friends, family and lover but know you’re not as open as you could be

…or if you’re just committed to growth, and want more intimacy and freedom with everyone you relate with, then set aside a morning for you. Pop the kettle on and join us with pen and paper and a sense of curiosity on Saturday the 26th of October at 9am London time.


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It is actually possible to have a deeply passionate and intimate relationship, but for most of us, we were never taught how.

We’re taught how to do maths, change a tyre, how to structure an essay, draw organic compounds, do CPR…. But when in our development do we learn how to be intimate?

Any education we get about relationships is unconscious based on what we saw growing up. Think about that for a second. If all you know about relating to others was learned unconsciously by the time you were 7 – what did you learn? Let’s learn consciously now. Let’s choose our lessons.

Are you One of many™ women looking for more in the realm of the heart?

Join our founder Dr Joanna Martin live and discover:

  • How your intimate relationship (or lack of) can provide the map to understand ALL your relationships and how to achieve deep personal fulfilment.
  • The “Chemistry of Chemistry” and how a change in one person can inspire change in the whole relationship dynamic
  • The personal transformation you can make now BEFORE you try convincing your partner you need therapy
  • Three disempowering relationship patterns and how to identify you’re in one (even if you’re not in a relationship!)
  • Identify your personal barrier to deep intimacy and how you unconsciously bring out the worst in the people you’re closest to.
  • How to attract your ideal partner without being inauthentic
  • 4 Keys to communicating with men (this will help for ALL men: sons, fathers, friends, work colleagues, bosses, partners)
  • 5 Steps to asking for what you need without becoming powerless and needy

You will have the opportunity to have laser coaching from Joanna on your relationship issues, and to get your personal questions answered.

Jo will also share a great opportunity to join us at our live, in-person retreat happening in January - “BeLove: Relationships for Life”. But irrespective - you will leave this workshop with a vision for relationship that inspires the best in you, and the people around you. You will have tools you can use immediately, so you can start enjoying moments of deep intimacy, joy and love – straight away. You’ll have a plan for how to become more and more of who you REALLY are, so that you can enjoy ever growing self love and compassion. And have more fun!

Join Joanna and get ready for deep, yummy love


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Frequently asked questions

Where is this event held? This event is happening as a “livestream”. In other words, Joanna will be in her home office, teaching, facilitating, coaching and answering your live questions… while you can snuggle up on your sofa, under your duvet or at your favourite café. All you need is an internet connection and a device of some sort- laptop, tablet or smartphone. When you register we’ll send you all the details of how to tune in in your email.

What if I can’t make the date/the whole time? The beauty of this event is that it will be recorded. So provided you register, we will send you a recording afterwards. It’s always better to come live if you possibly can though. Then you get the opportunity for coaching, and asking your questions live.

Can I share with my friends? Yes please! Like a good wine we believe growth is best shared. So if you know a woman who could use a new perspective on relationships, please share this email with her.

Why is it free to attend? We have a mission here at One of many to get these tools into the hands of a million women. You see we believe it is having more women in places of leadership and influence that will actually change the world. And for that to happen, we have to have tools for surviving the step up to lead. Much of that training is done at our in-person retreats and events. But we regularly try to run free events like this for many reasons. 1. We get to support women who may not financially be in a position to do our other programs. 2. We get to support women who can’t get to our in-person events, either because they live abroad or are busy caring for kids, parents or others. 3. It’s an opportunity for everyone to have a taste of the power of the tools and distinctions we share- so you know what you can expect from more training with us. There’s no hard sell, no obligation- but if you want to go deeper with us we’ll let you know how.

Who is Dr Joanna Martin? Jo is the founder of One of many, this grassroots leadership training and coaching community for women managers and entrepreneurs changing their corner of the world. Her message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents. She has successfully juggled entrepreneurship, having serially started and grown three successful small businesses, with the life of a working mum and loving wife. While no relationship exists in a state of perfection- she is wise enough to know that the secret to her success in business and life is in large part due to the incredible partnership and love of her husband Greg. And while she doesn’t get to do it enough, she LOVES talking about love.

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